You Heard It Here: Happiness Is…

Happiness is… enjoying the moment. Since this is the last post of 2013, I thought I’d do a little reflection. Juggling writing and show business has been a bit of a struggle, but I’ve learned something in the process. I’ve learned to enjoy what I’m doing when I’m doing it. It’s really a catch 22 for me because when I’m on set, I want to be writing and sometimes when I’m writing, I want to be on set. Only recently have I learned to enjoy  being in the moment I’m in and enjoy it. I know…sounds awfully Zen, doesn’t it? But it’s true and I think it applies to almost anything. If you don’t enjoy the  now, then when will you ever be happy?

Today, December 20, we shoot our last episode of the first season of The Thundermans. It’s the first time in twenty-six years when a season has ended at the holidays so it’s kind of a double whammy. The good news is we’re only saying goodbye for a few months since we just got our second season pick up last night!  It’s awesome knowing we’ll have work to come back to in the New year.

Here’s what I’ll be saying goodbye to at the end of the day…

photo 2These are the kids in our cast plus our First AD. Wednesday is Onesie day and they all got into the spirit! There’s nothing better than working with fun people. <G>

Here’s the Paramount lot at night during the holidays…

photo(38)The path leading to the tree is full of trees lit with white lights. It’s beautiful! (This picture doesn’t really do it justice.)

So as happy as I am to get back to my writing and all the characters screaming for their stories (in my head!), I’m going to miss my job on set and working with such fun, funny and amazing people.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season no matter what you celebrate! And the healthiest and happiest of New Years as well!

So what about you? Are you good at living in the moment or do you think more about the past or too much about the future? Finding the balance isn’t easy…it’s a learning process, I think. Let me know!


You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… — 6 Comments

  1. I try very much to live in the moment, but don’t always succeed. Sometimes I have to give myself a swift kick in the pants as a reminder. : )
    It must be great to work with talented people all day long. Sad to leave them I’m sure, but then you’re open to change and working with different talent. It’s all good.
    Wishing you and your family a warm and wonderful Holiday season!

    • Hi Robena,
      I’ve come to realize that one of my jobs can feed the other if I keep open to it. Ideas certainly come from working with talented people with great imaginations. It’s not as hard saying goodbye when I know I’ll get to see them again. Now to write a book in 3 months. Haha. And thank you! Hope you have an awesome holiday season and happy new year as well!!

  2. Living in, and enjoying, the now…that’s an accomplishment! I’m one of those people who’s always trying to clean-up the discarded paper, bows and bags while the Christmas presents are being opened, so you know I have some work to do on learning to sit back and enjoy the moment. I find wine helps tremendously.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hope 2014 brings lots of awesomeness your way!

    • Hi Sam,

      LOL! I sometimes do the same thing with the wrapping paper and bows. That’s not living in the moment? Haha. Honestly, I’m still learning how to do it myself. 🙂
      I wish you all the best in the new year! Thanks for always dropping by!

  3. I’m not really very good at living in the moment either. But I’m working on it.

    I only work casual part-time now but I decided to stay on because I like my co-workers and our office so much. But I still have moments where I think I’d rather be writing. Happy holidays!

    • Hi Jana,
      It’s awesome to have a place to go where the people are nice. I think it’s a good balance when you can get out of the house and be with people other than the ones in your head. Haha. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Thanks for all your visits this past year! They’ve been much appreciated!