You Heard It Here: Oops. I forgot.

Have you ever found something you didn’t know you lost? I did the other day. And instead of sweeping it under the carpet and not saying a word, I decided to come clean.

What did I find? A card with my husband’s name printed on the front. How old was it? I had no clue. What occasion was it for? Again, I had no clue. It actually didn’t even occur to me to open it and see. I figured if it had my husband’s name on it and it was sealed then it belonged to him.

So last night as we lay in bed before we turned out the lights, I handed him his card. I said, “Honey, I found this. I have no idea how old it is or what it’s for so I’ll guess we’ll find out together.”


He opened the envelope and it turned out to be an anniversary card (above). “Happy Anniversary, honey!” I laughed and kissed him. (Even though our anniversary is early June.) He opened the card and I immediately went to my note at the bottom. “Happy fifteenth anniversary.” FIFTEEN!! Hello, we’ve been married over twenty-four years! LOL. OMG. Talk about a time warp. We laughed. (Okay, I may have laughed a little louder.) It wasn’t like he never got a card, because I used to be famous for planting cards in different places in the house for him to find. This one just forgot to get its place.

So, what about you? Ever find something you didn’t know you lost? How did it affect you or anyone around you? Did you tell?


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    • Hi Robena,

      If nothing else, it’s pretty funny. And embarrassing. LOL.
      If celebrating means he’s been making fun of me, then yes, we’re celebrating.

    • Hi Sam,

      LOL. It’s possible his gift was a Burke Williams massage and it’s possible that I found it many months ago and didn’t know what it was for and it’s possible that I may have used it for myself. But I’m NOT saying that it happened. It’s…um…just a possibility…

  1. That needs to be a scene in a book! If you ever write a married couple book, that is. hint hint.

    Not that any of these were ever lost, but sometimes, I love to go through my bedside table drawer to re-read those extra special cards from hubby and kids. Makes me get choked up.

    I hope you and Shawn enjoyed that extra special moment

    • Hi Lynne,

      I’ll see what I can do about your hint.
      Yes! I love going through old cards too. Reminds me how lucky I am to have a great hubby and daughter. Sean and I certainly laughed about it, that’s for sure. Well, at least I did. It was kind of like celebrating 15 years all over again. (Except not really! LOL.)

  2. I love this, Dee! It was a 24 1/2 year anniversary card. LOL I’m thinking whatever you *did* give him must’ve been great because he didn’t miss the card! 😉

    • Hi Robin,

      Yes! I thought the same thing. A celebration of 24 1/2… (only it said 15!) Haha. And I’m sure I snuck other cards in other places, but it’s funny that I forgot this one. I had probably set it aside for last and just forgot. 🙂

  3. How hilarious. I haven’t ever found something I didn’t know I lost, but one day I’m going to find a Lego set in my house I had hidden and never found.

    Maybe in time to give it to a grandchild. LOL

    • Hi Kate,

      Look at you! Thinking ahead to grandchildren! LOL. Let me know if you ever find the Lego set (or anything else for that matter). It will make me feel not so alone. Haha.