You Heard It Here: Motivation

I have to come clean. Near the end of 2015 and early this year, I hit a wall. It was the “I can’t handle two full time jobs and take care of the house/family” wall. Something had to give. I realized I had to find some “me time” in my crazy life. I just lost the desire to work so hard and decided that “me time” or “family time” was what I needed to rejuvenate myself.

Turns out I was right. Here’s a pic of the people I love most. (Not that I don’t love the rest of my immediate family, but these are the ones I live with. <G>)


Having my daughter home from college and spending the winter break with her and my hubby was the best medicine I could ask for. I set aside my current WIP and let myself enjoy family time. I figured as a writer, it was about time I got back to living life a little because really… how am I going to write it if I don’t enjoy it myself.

I’m looking forward to next week when I finish the day job on set for a few months and get back to being a full time author. I’m ready to get those pages written and edited. I have my motivation back and it’s in part due to my family.

What’s your motivation?

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