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Life is one big gigantic roller coaster. We all go through good times and tough times. Lately, I’ve been spending time with my big sis. She underwent major back surgery a few days ago. Two surgeries that spanned two different days with a rest day in between. She handled the first surgery really well, with flying colors actually. I know she was in pain, but she got through it and seemed in good spirits as she awaited the bigger–more mondo–surgery. (I’m actually waiting in the surgical waiting room as I type this. She’s halfway through a six hour procedure.)

Though I know she needs this surgery, I know this is going to be a really tough thing to bounce back from. The doctor is breaking her back in multiple places and lining it up correctly with the help of screws and metal and all things the go buzz at the airport. (She has scoliosis and her back had curved to the point of crazy proportions.)

scoliosis-1 (BTW – This isn’t my sis, but I think her back was actually more curved than this.)

Round 2 surgery took almost 8 hours last Friday and it was very grueling. Sis now has 2 rods in her back. The good news is she’s a little taller. Haha. (I have to kid, because that’s just what I do!) She’s had multiple ups and downs since then with fevers and other issues, but I’m keeping good thoughts her recovery will continue in the right direction.

I know the next 6 months are going to be really hard on her and her family and I’m hoping/praying that everyone stays patient and takes each day at a time. I know how hard this is going to be not only for her, but everyone helping her.

(If anyone has any suggestions on how I handle going back to work in April, taking care of my sis and writing a book, I’d really appreciate it. Haha. Yeah… I’m serious, though.)

How about you? Have you been in the position to take care of a sibling or other family member? Or, maybe you know someone with scoliosis…? Let me know!


And thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers! They are all welcome and appreciated!


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  1. My family didn’t actually have to care for my grandmother in her later days because she was in a group home, but my mom, sister and I took turns visiting her. Because of how far away I live (30 miles), I only went once a week, but my sis and mom went more often. So my suggestion is utilize her family. Her kids are mostly grown now, right? Because I know you and you’ll want to take the whole burden on your shoulders, but this is their chance to step up. Let them do it. 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      In theory, it sounds good, but her daughter is out of town (college) and her son juggles work and school. It’s going to be a tough juggle for all of us. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. I’m all for everyone stepping up. Haha. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. It’s never easy, Dee J. I know, after having helped my daughter with her grandmother. I lived a 2+ hour drive away and it was hard. And my daughter took on way too much, but that was what she wanted. I know you and family and friends will work it out and your sister will be appreciative. Here’s to the very best recovery possible.

    • Hi Robena,
      Thank you! I’m taking the 25 minute drive between my house and the hospital as prep and decompress time, respectively. Haha. At least it’s not a 2+ hour commute! I don’t think I’d handle that very well. Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Hi Dee,
    Recovery is extremely difficult during this time…Her pain is your pain…But with the help of families and friends I’m sure you will work things out. I took care of my late husband for over two years. It was difficult… when he saw me feeling down watching him suffer he would say…there is always someone worse off than me…The power of prayers will always see us thru and it is coming your way every single day…Hugs to you and your sister…God bless

    • Hi Marie,
      Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown from the beginning. My sis knows who you are now. LOL. Hugs always appreciated! Thank you, thank you!

  4. Hi Dee J.,

    You’re a good sister!

    One suggestion that only hits your wallet as opposed to your bandwidth…if she doesn’t have a housekeeper, she and her husband might really appreciate the Merry Maids coming once a week for a couple of months. If several people go splitzies to cover the cost, it’s not that much, and it takes a little bit of burden off.

    I’m wishing sis a speedy and optimal recovery!

    • Hi Samanthe,
      I’m not sure if she has any help or not recently. I’ll have to do some investigating. That’s a great idea! (Because I draw the line at windows and toilets! LOL.)
      Thanks for the wishes!

  5. My mom lived with me for 7 years after my dad died, and until she passed away from COPD. Our last year was tough going at times. Family helped a lot…brothers, her grandkids, etc. I also found a nice, caring lady through our church to come in 1/2 days during the week for her last few months while I was at work so she’d have some company as well as some help. Home health care workers can also be great to help with everyday tasks that might be embarrassing for family members, anyway, like bathing. Could you take a laptop to her place to write while you keep her company, or maybe while she naps? She’ll probably sleep better just knowing you’ll be there when she wakes up. If it’s a long enough drive to/from her house, could you use that time for dictating notes to yourself about your WIP, brainstorming new story ideas, or maybe listening to an audiobook? Best wishes to her (and you!) for a fast and complete recovery. ~ Kay

    • Hi Kay,
      Thank you! That’s all great advice! Sounds like you had a good thing worked out with your mom. Seven years a long time! It’s great that you got to spend so much time with her before she died. Thanks for the well wishes and my apologies for the late reply! It’s been a crazy couple of days at the hospital!