You Heard It Here: Last Call

These past 4 weeks have been a fun, crazy time filled lots of highs! It was a pleasure to be included in Danger & Desire with so many amazing romantic suspense authors. I hope everyone grabbed it because it’s an awesome deal. Where else are you going to find 10 full length romantic suspense novels by best selling authors for only 99 cents?


Danger & Desire will disappear in just days, but October is breast cancer awareness month and you can help out one my D&D pals by snapping up another anthology.

Buy Last Hero Standing for only 99 cents and help Pamela Clare at the same time! This collection is by best selling and award winning authors! You can’t go wrong! All proceeds go to Pamela’s medical fund.



(I’ll be talking about both boxed sets on Monday, October 13 when I’m on The Worst Show on the Web. Hope you can find some time to catch the show!)

My sister is a breast cancer survivor as are close cousins. Until we can wipe this disease off the planet, let’s help the people who are going through it.

Has someone in your life dealt with breast cancer or any other kind of cancer?



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    • Hi Rene,
      Congrats to you! And welcome to LARA! It’s such a great group of writers! Hope you find it as awesome as I have for many years! Thanks for coming by!

  1. Hi Dee J.,

    I just pre-ordered Last Hero Standing and sent some positive vibes out to Pamela Clare. One of my best friends from high-school is going through her second breast cancer diagnosis in as many years. Thankfully, a diagnosis nowadays is far from a death sentence, but surgery, recovery, and the follow-on drug therapies are painful, exhausting and expensive.

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for the preorder and helping Pamela! Sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts and prayers are with as well as Pamela. It is an exhausting journey that I wish no one had to experience. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. My sister and I got breast cancer in 2001. Both survivors. My beat friend just had a double masectomy for a recurring breast cancer. She will be doing chemo for the next few months and I know for her that she will come through in fine style. Its a nightmare come true when you first hear the big C word. But it’s survivable And the best blessing is when it becaome just a memory. If you know anyone who is going through it, I would stragly recomment the Paleo Whole Thirty diet for30 days

    • Hi Susan,
      I’m so glad you and your sis are survivors! So is my sister. Thanks for the diet tip! I’ll pass it on if the need arises. Glad you stopping in!