You Heard It Here: Hollywood’s Real Fur — 14 Comments

  1. Dee J!!! That is hysterical. You poor thing. I would have been sweating bullets on that stage. I watched the video. That bear is huge! You are so funny. Thanks for outing your embarrassing moments and providing chuckles.

    • Hi Robena,
      Look how many years it took me to come out with that one! LOL. I just kept thinking… “…you mean there aren’t ANY OTHER WOMEN in this room that are leaving?” LOL. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Oh Dee…you poor thing…having to try and out-think a bear.. wondering if he was going to reach out and grab you..Oh lord I would have peed on the spot… It is a story that you will always remember with a chuckle huh!That bear is humongous! Thanks for the chuckle!

    • Hi Marie,
      Haha, you’re funny! Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I can look back on it now and laugh. Not so much at the time. LOL. And, yeah, that bear was giant!

  3. Dee,

    Sounds like an un-bear-able experience! (Sorry, it had to be said). If I’d been in your shoes, I wouldn’t have had been way too scared to take the stage…unless, of course, it was Channing Tatum giving away the Oscar. At that point, I would have risked it. 😉

    • Hi Sam,
      LOL. I hear THAT! That man is worth a bear mauling! When Mike called the winner’s name I just kinda sat there in shock… kind of like the winner might actually do. Except that I was just praying the bear had his snout in another direction as I approached the stage. I just grinned and BARED it. (See, I can do it too. LOL.)

    • Hi Christine,
      Yeah, there were actually a few more too, but I wanted to keep it clean for the masses. LOL. Thanks for dropping in!

  4. Great story, Dee! I’m a coward, so I totally would not have gone up on that stage. I might have had to come up with a convenient lie like “I’m allergic to bears…honest,” but no way would I have been able to do what you did.

    I’ve never done any acting so I don’t have any animal stories to share like yours, but I did encounter the cutest little pig some years ago, the kind that people keep as a pet. His ‘mom’ put him down for a minute while she signed something and he cried until she picked him back up again. I’m not vegan, but from that day to this, I haven’t eaten ham or bacon…just can’t bring myself to do it.

    • Hi Vala,
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I like the bear allergy excuse. LOL. Who knows… it might’ve worked. Aw… yeah, cute little pigs are adorable. But man, some of them grow up to be giant and then they’re not so cute! (The only pig I met up close and personal was George Clooney’s pet pig, Max. He started off really cute and got seriously ugly. In a cute way, but… not enough to make me want one!) I’m with you… I don’t eat ham.

    • Hi Lynne,
      LMAO!! You crack me up! Hell, I’m glad too! And about the clip… I think Mike was a little nervous too.