You Heard It Here: Hollywood Movers and Shakers! — 6 Comments

  1. Okay Dee J., I think it’s fair to say you panicked! I always do too, but for me this usually translated into freezing. Most of the earthquakes I’ve been in have been small-to-moderate, thank goodness, and I usually end up crouched on the floor in exactly the same spot I was the instant before the shaking started. #nosurvivalinstincts

    • Hi Samanthe,
      I’ve been through 4 earthquakes big enough to make me panic and run. Or want to run, at least. I’d be happy if I didn’t have to go through any more but I know that won’t be the case as long as I live in So Cal. I’m thinking it’s time to update my earthquake kit! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. DJ, this first thing you should do in these stressful situations is bend over and kiss you ass good bye. It might me your last chance. Hey the picture came from the Bay Area. I can remember when I lived out there in the late 70’s thinking, oh my I hope the big one does not hit while I on this freeway system. When it did happen duing the World Series I can remember the live aerial footage and the main news anchors did not know what they were looking at because all comms were lost. It was a couple of hours before ABC, CBS and NBC realized that double decker bridges had collapsed.

    • Hi Don,
      Yes! I remember that earthquake too! So scary. I remember driving during an earthquake and not figuring out the extra motion until I got home and realized there had been an earthquake. It wasn’t a big one… probably in the 4 range, but it rolled enough for me to wonder what happened as I drove. (I think I had a CD playing so I didn’t hear any radio announcement. I’d be fine with no more earthquakes. Just don’t think I’ll get that lucky. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, Don!

  3. I’ve been through a few biggies, but the funniest one was in the desert on Easter Sunday a few years ago. We’re right on the San Andreas Fault here and although it was only 4.7 it felt much stronger. I was in my underwear and about to open a mirrored closet for clothes (going to an outdoor party at a neighbor’s house about 5 mins later) when the earthquake hit. All I could think of was I’m almost naked. Ha ha. I ran for a doorway and hung on. Finally, it settled down and I wondered if anyone would show. Looked out the window and sure enough, those tough Californians were already pouring the wine. 😉

    • Hi Robena,
      Why is it that earthquake seem to hit when we’re either sleeping or naked? Makes me think God is enjoying a laugh. I’m guessing a little extra wine was consumed that night! Thanks for sharing your story