You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… Fur Babies?

One of the fun things about my day job is getting to interact with animals that I wouldn’t normally meet. I think everyone knows I’m a huge dog lover so it’s always fun when Penny comes to the show. Penny is a bull dog and she’s one of the sweetest, smartest animals I’ve seen on set. I’m sorry, but any dog that can ride a skateboard is on my “love them forever list.” Here’s a shot of Penny between takes. Look at the face! Priceless!


But Penny wasn’t the only animal we’ve had at work lately. Though I completely forgot to snap a picture of Magoo, the giant raccoon working with us a couple of weeks ago, I DID remember to snag a shot of Donald! This iguana was giant! He didn’t have to ride a skateboard, but he sat in a box all day like a good little lizard and didn’t cause problems, so we all liked him!


So my happiness this month is meeting and loving on animals I don’t normally get to play with. As many hours as I put in on the day job, I do love spending some time with all the fur (and scaly) babies that come my way.

What about you? Met any animals lately that don’t live in your house?


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