You Heard It Here: Breaking Out

Don’t let the title fool. I’m not breaking out of jail. (Mainly because I’m not in a jail to break out of…)

But, I am breaking out into other genres. Anyone familiar with my Dee J. Adams, author page on FaceBook or my twitter feed knows that I do this little thing called Overheard on the Set. Well, I’m pleased to announce that Overheard on the Set is going to be available in digital and print form sooner rather than later. We’re shooting for early next year. I say we, since my husband has been my partner in this endeavor. Many of the quotes in this first book are ones he heard over the years as well.

We don’t have a cover yet, but as soon as we do, you can bet I’ll be revealing it here! In the meantime, if you want a taste of Overheard on the Set, then just hang out at my FaceBook page or stay tuned to my twitter @DeeJAdams. I will give you a hint though. It’s going to be a little something like…


And just so you know, the book is rated PG. Yes, that’s right, parental guidance is suggested! There may be – okay there is – some serious sexual innuendo in much of the material! Aside from that, we hope to make you smile – or laugh (we’re not picky!) – and in general to show just how silly our jobs on set can be sometimes.

So, our of curiosity, have you ever overhead something that made you take notice? I’d love to hear about it!

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