You Heard It Here: Happiness Is — 12 Comments

  1. That woman is amazing. She always looks fabulous, she is loud (don’t you love her accent?) and funny, and also big-hearted. As are so many authors. Victoria Alexander is also a lovely, lovely woman. Wow what a pair of bookends for you at the literacy signing.

    It’s nice to know that this year they went back to alphabetical order. Last year didn’t make any sense at all by numbers!

    The nicest thing an author ever did for me was not have me arrested for stalking. Thank you Nora Roberts. I swear I wasn’t stalking you in Dallas, we just kept showing up at the same places (even after the conference). It even started feeling weird for me! She is another gracious and lovely, hugely successful woman.

    • Hi Lynne,
      D’oh! Not sure how the picture flipped it looked fine when I posted it! Both of them are so awesome! It was a pleasure to be a Cherry/Victoria sandwich! I’ll send Nora your regards. LOL.

  2. That was so incredibly great of Cherry Adair. What a lovely, generous person. I may have to go out and buy one of her books, just for that!

    • Hi Jana,
      YES!! She is a lovely, generous woman! I completely agree. Please do buy one or two or ten of her books. LOL. Then email her and tell her I sent you.

    • Hi Beverly,
      Yes! to all of the above! It was wonderful and Cherry is beyond lovely and gracious! I look forward to sitting next to her again next year. (I should be so lucky!) Hopefully, you’ll be there too.

  3. Hey, Dee –

    I was lucky enough to have lunch with Robyn Carr while at RWA13! Talk about a dream come true. She’s amazing, kind and very knowledgeable about the writing business!


    PS – Also loved meeting YOU in person! 🙂

    • Hi Kelsey!!
      It was so awesome to meet you too! Finally!! Lunch with Robyn Carr…how awesome is that! Very cool! Romance writers are the best. Bar none! Looking forward to the next time we tear down the house! Miss ya already.

    • Hi Maria,
      Yes! She is Absolutely Fabulous!! I love that woman. My new hero!!