You Heard It Here: Keeping Up

You know the saying, “Better late than never?” Yeah… that’s been my life lately.

Most people juggle a certain amount of things on a regular basis. Generally, I think that if you do something enough, you get fairly proficient at it. But what happens when a person has TOO MUCH to juggle? How do you decide what gets done in a day and what doesn’t? How do you decide your priorities?

I’ll give you an example. Currently, my (3 days worth of) dirty dishes are sitting in my bathtub soaking. That is because after 23 years, I’m finally getting a new kitchen. (The old one had very few appliances working, 58 year old, cracked (avocado green) tile and linoleum… and… well, I could go on for hours, but you get the picture.) I’ve been trying to get a proposal out for weeks, but I’ve started a new day job so my writing time has dwindled to tiny increments. I’m still dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s and the back to back releases of Living Dangerously and Against The Wall. Oh… and I’m trying to get ready for the RWA conference next week and I’ve not done a thing.

So… you see my juggling act. Did I mention this blog is about 12 hours late? Guess what fell through the cracks? I can’t do much about it, but pick up the dropped ball and toss it back into the mix. So, here I am tossing those balls up in the air, but wait, I’m forgetting something… Right! My dishes are still in the tub. Heading off for dishpan hands. (You can now imagine me hunched over the tub’s edge as I scrub away.)

How well do you guys juggle? Are you better at it than me? (I think most people probably are. <G>) Let me know what you think.



You Heard It Here: Keeping Up — 6 Comments

  1. I juggle the same way, and the bad part is that I have a ton more time than I used to and I STILL can’t keep all the balls going.

    I bet you’re going to love the new kitchen, though!

    • Hi Liz,
      I’m the opposite. I used to have time and now I have zero. My balls are dropping right and left! I just keep picking them up and tossing them back in the air, hoping to keep them in motion. But you are right about my new kitchen. It’s going to be amazing. I may just sleep in there once it’s finished. LOL. Thanks for coming by!

  2. I’m usually fairly well organized and try not to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. ; ) But I’m retired and the family is grown so I have less to juggle than you do. However, there was a point of total overload a few months ago when I had three books all coming out a few months apart…thought I’d go crazy. I did learn quickly how to prioritize.

    • Hi Robena,
      Sorry for the late reply. After being hacked yesterday I came across a whole new set of priorities. Like I needed that…
      I’m so excited for all your releases! I can imagine how stressful that was. I think I need to take a few lessons from you on staying zen.
      Thanks for coming by.

  3. Dee J – my heart goes out to you. There is nothing worse than having to camp out in your own house. Once had to live in the back bedroom for three days while now floors were put in throughout the house. The only good thing was we got to eat out every night!

    When the juggling gets too much, drop one of the balls. You didn’t have to stress yourself out more with writing a blog. It’s okay to skip one or ten!

    Hang on – this will all pass and you’ll have a beautiful new kitchen and the rest will just have to fall in line.


    • Hi Lynne,
      Well to compound it all, I was hacked today… as you well know! Sorry about that! Dropping balls right and left at this point! Thanks for the zen thoughts though.