You Heard It Here: A New Release — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Dee J.,

    The Whitter quake was my “welcome to California” quake. I lived on the 2nd floor of a big, old, cement block of a dorm at UCLA, and I remember debating whether I should make a run for it down two flights of stairs, or just stay in bed (we’ll assume it was my bed just in case my mom reads this blog), and test the survival rate for people in bottom bunks. Luckily Westwood wasn’t especially near the epicenter, and the big, old, cement block of a dorm held up fine.

    • Hi Samanthe,
      I think it was my official welcome too. I think I felt one or two tiny ones before it, but nothing like the magnitude of that quake. Our apartment was on the 4th floor so I figured if the building came down at least I’d be on the top layer. Really, all I was thinking was that I didn’t want to die naked. LOL. But honestly, the picture of Sean in my robe and me in his was the perfect comic relief. Thanks for dropping in! Hope you have a great Friday/Weekend!

  2. Why yes! I lived in Sherman Oaks in 1994, WE got hit pretty hard. I am a New Yorker and was more familiar with Hurricanes. (at least you usually get plenty of warning for those.)
    Both our chimneys fell. We used one as a picnic table since it fell on our actual picnic table. Since we all survived without injury, I guess it was a ‘good’ quake. House sustained tons of damage. We ended up moving out for nine monthes, The quake impressed me enough to write a children’s non fiction picture book which won a Green Book Award.

    • Hi Susan,
      Wow! Scary! My aunt and uncle also had to move for 9 months! But look what came out of it for you! Congrats on your award and I’m glad you all survived! Maybe one day we’ll get earthquake warnings. Haha. Thanks for dropping in!