You Heard It Here: Re-Release Party!

I had a different post ready to go today, (some might call it a REAL blog as opposed to this!)  but I thought I’d preempt it with the latest news! The first three books in the Adrenaline Highs series are being re-released on April 15, and the best news for readers is that they are on sale for a new low price! And I’m talking LOW! Like under four dollars, low!

I thought I’d post a pic of the covers in order. (This is actually my FaceBook cover shot, but it’s so pretty, I thought it was worth sharing here!)


So here’s the confetti and streamers and party horns!!! Whoo-hoo! If you liked any of the books in the series, now’s a great time to tell a friend. And they can catch up and be ready for Living Dangerously on May 20th (which is also being released for a crazy low price!).

Okay, I’m wondering if I’m only one who’s thought about this… Have you ever bought a book you already have because it was released with a new cover? (Maybe the cover you have has been trashed because you’ve read the book so many times or maybe it was damaged somehow. Don’t you hate when you’re reading in the tub and you–HORRORS–drop the book!) Of course the other side of that coin is that you LOVE the old cover and can’t bear to part with it no matter how damaged it is. I’d have to admit that’s me with my old Kathleen Woodiwiss books. They are trashed beyond repair, but I can’t part with them even for new editions.

Do you have any favorite books that have been re-released? Or just favorite books in general that are on your all time keeper shelf? I’d love to hear titles and authors! (Maybe I’ll even spew a couple recommendations of my own!)


You Heard It Here: Re-Release Party! — 8 Comments

  1. I’m like that with Suzanne Brockmann’s books! I’ve got them in hardcopy, ebook & many of them in audio form too. Love her!

    • Hi Renee,
      I am so with you on Suz books! I have them all – and some of them twice! I actually have one giant Suz shelf and it’s about out of room! Um…same with my Linda Howard shelf. LOL. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Congratulations again, Dee J. : )

    I’m like that with Jenny Crusie’s books. I think I’m gonna have to spring for a new copy of Bet Me when it goes into reprint, mine is on its last legs.

    • Hi Robena,
      Oh man, I love that book! One of my favs! Jenny writes such awesome fun/fast dialogue. Love her. Thanks for dropping in!

  3. I’m all e-book now, so if I drop it in the tub, I’m screwed! But I did re-purchase “Naked in Death” by JD Robb when I lost my orginal. Just sorta felt like I needed to have it. 😉

    • Hi Sam,
      LOL, good point…you drop an e-reader in the tub and you haven’t just lost one book, you’ve lost your entire collection! No tablets in the tub! The risk is too great. LOL. I just finished listening to Naked in Death. What a great book! I’m thinking I should “read” it too. I think I missed parts while I was concentrating on driving a few times. That series is so good. No stinkers there. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yes, I have a shelf full of Suzanne Brockman books too, and I don’t plan to part with any of them!

    I just finished re-reading a book I read in print more than 15 years ago, ‘Marianna’ by Suzanna Kernsley. This time I listened to the audio version and it was just as wonderful as I remembered. If you like past-lives stories, this is a great one.

    Good luck with your re-releases!

    • Hi Jana,
      Yes, Suz is a big recommend from me all the time! I’m glad the audio version of ‘Marianna’ is as good as the book. It’s a bummer when the narrator can’t pull off the way you ‘hear’ it yourself, but when they get it right, there’s nothing better! Thanks for dropping in!