You Heard It Here: Hollywood, So Close… — 6 Comments

    • Hi Robena,

      Thanks. It was a very exhilarating couple of days. I don’t imagine I’ll ever forget them. Thanks for stopping in!

  1. That’s a perfect story…excitement, drama AND a young Matthew Perry (although he qualifies as one of those guys who gets better with age, like Patrick Dempsey). Sadly, no, I have never, ever had that moment where I was thrown into something and totally pulled it off. Given the chance to flounder, I will!

    • Hi Sam,
      Haha… I don’t believe you. But I do agree about Matthew. Though he’s been through a lot, he’s still the 18 year old I met so many year ago and he’s still adorable. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Dee J –
    I just *love* your Hollywood stories! I ran into Matthew Perry (literally) one day in Pacific Palisades. I was rushing to get to my hairdresser’s, when I turned a corner and ran into him — bodily! He was very nice about it, since it obviously had been an accident.

    I look forward to reading more of your H’wood stories!


    • Hi Leigh!
      Awesome! He’s not such a bad guy. LOL. Glad you like my stories. I like to share them. Just hope I have enough to keep people interested. Haha! Thanks for dropping in!