You Heard It Here: Hot Topics

So this is kind of a random blog. Have you ever scrolled through your FaceBook feed or found an article online or in the paper that compels you to respond? It might be a hot button topic or something mundane, yet you notice that its drawn a ton of comments and you feel the need to weigh in too?

What are the topics that excite you? Is it animals? Cute guys? Famous people? Weather? Politics? Book covers? Coffee? Movies? Zach&LizCaleb+Pryor+Joshua+Pryor+hYYZ4nLPlh0m


Sunset in La Jolla!

Can’t forget hot book covers! OverTheTop_final

Is there something else that makes you hit that comment or reply button?

Or is there nothing that excites or angers you enough to respond online? Is your time too precious or maybe nothing interests you enough to comment? Let me know. Inquiring minds…


You Heard It Here: Hot Topics — 4 Comments

    • Hi Janie,
      That is certainly a wide range of topics. LOL. But I can see how all of them would be hot! Thanks for dropping in!

  1. I’m still a sucker for the inside scoop on a writer’s process. I like to know how they tick. If they talk about something interesting, I’ll leave a comment. Other than that, I only comment on blogs of writers I know. 😉

    • Hi Robena,
      Writer’s process! That’s a great one. And I think we all have a different way of doing this writing job. I have to say, you do an exceptional job of getting to a lot of blogs. And those of us who know you, love you for it. Thanks for stopping in!