You Heard It Here: Hollywood Tabloids

I never really know which Hollywood story I’m going to tell until just before the 1st of every month when it’s due. This month, because I’m so happy for George and his Best Picture Oscar, I’ve decided on another Clooney story. (Honestly, I had planned to space them out a bit more, but this is a good reason for one, so what the hell. <G>)

By the way, the Oscar I’ve pictured below is my Oscar. No, he’s not real. He’s kind of a stand-in Oscar that my husband gave me many years ago. He’s my “Most Likely To Win An Oscar” Oscar. (Keep in mind that I was an actor for many years and my husband always thought highly of my abilities. LOL.)


But, on with my story…

During the 2nd season of Roseanne, we had a bar set. The actual name of the “bar” escapes me (aargh), but we had a few tables pulled together since there were a lot of people in the scene. In those days I was working as Roseanne’s dialogue coach and also stood-in for her or other guest cast if they hadn’t been hired yet. On this particular day we were all seated around several tables, the whole cast and a few stand-ins. Roseanne was upset about the tabloids getting a hold of some story that made headlines and she was itching to find out who (from the set) had snitched this particular story. (And, no, I don’t honestly remember which story this was since so many were leaked to the tabloids!) After she finished her mini-tirade the group got quiet (because, really, no one wanted to mess with Rosie when she was pissed off!). I happened to be sitting directly across from George and he looked up, said my name, and continued with, “I told you not to call the Enquirer.”

Well, my head shot up, Roseanne’s head shot up and everyone stared at me like I had actually made the call! Which I DID NOT DO! My mouth dropped open. My eyes bugged out wide and could barely get out the denial before he started laughing. And you know, when that boy laughs, his eyes get all crinkly on the sides and it’s very disarming/charming. It’s hard to be mad at him. (I think he knows this fact!)

Roseanne never said anything. I think she knew I didn’t really call the Enquirer and (years) later we found out who DID call. Let’s just say that was the beginning of the end of THAT marriage!

Anyway, I will never forget the smile – and MISCHIEF! – in George’s eyes that day. He really is a practical joker and he has wonderful timing. He just waited until the room got so silent before dropping that bomb in a very serious voice. I still laugh when I think about it today. Of course I wasn’t so much laughing THEN, thinking Roseanne might fire me. LOL. (That’s a story I’ll save for another day. Haha)

What about you? Were you the recipient of a practical joke or did you get someone good with a practical joke?



You Heard It Here: Hollywood Tabloids — 12 Comments

  1. OMG, you tell the best stories, Dee! I remember George Clooney from his ‘Roseanne’ days (only from watching on TV of course!)and he was pretty yummy. Still is. I’ve read that he loves pulling practical jokes. Luckily this one didn’t end up losing you your job!

    • Hi Jana,
      LOL. Thanks! That’s where I met him, at Roseanne. I remember my first day on the set looking to see who was in the show and I nearly fell over when I saw George’s name on the cast list. I’d loved him from Facts of Life! How crazy is that? So it was a joy to meet him and discover what a wonderful man he was/is. He has not changed. I last saw him a year ago and he was still adorable…and yes, yummy!! Thanks for coming by!

  2. Oh, Lord! George can do anything he wants with me, including play a joke! LOL My DH is a practical joker, but I’ve convinced him if he wants to remain married he had better aim his jokes at someone else. I almost feel sorry for his co-workers. Almost. 🙂

    • Hi Roz,
      LOL. I agree with you about George. I remember being so flustered that he chose me to prank that it was part of the reason I couldn’t speak. Haha. I don’t think I could live that (prank) fear on a regular basis though. (I think. Unless it was George himself. LOL.) I am really kidding since I do love my husband immensely. I definitely feel sorry for your husband’s co-workers. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m not a huge practical joker, but I manage to get my husband every April Fools! We’ve been together 13 years now, and I’m 13 for 13, and the next one is only 1 month away, mwuahahaha.

    It’s funny, because in everyday life he is the comedic one, but I guess he never looks at a calendar. 🙂 My favorite practical jokes are the ones that are silly and not mean. Ones where, as they are happening, the victim isn’t scared or sad, and when they find out it’s a joke, they are happy and think it’s funny (rather than being disappointed). In other words, I wouldn’t ever tell someone they won the lottery and then wait for them to get happy, only to tell them “April Fool’s!” That’s just cruel. And I wouldn’t tease them about something terrible either (e.g. “there’s a fire! We’re all going to die! Haha – April Fools.”). This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people take a fun thing like jokes and turn them into something mean.

    I prefer the stuff like this: I could watch that sort of thing all day! lol.

    • Hi Laura,
      Wow! 13 for 13… hm… I think your husband just loves you an awful lot and knows what makes you happy so he chooses to not look at the calendar. LOL. OR… he really doesn’t look at a calendar!! I agree, I don’t like mean jokes that take an emotional toll on people. Fun is fine. Although I am personally terrified of practical jokes. I’ve been the butt of a few and they weren’t funny to me. George told us some great pranks he pulled on people. I think many of them he’s told in interviews and are very public now. I’ll have to go look at the clip you sent. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Hey – you don’t have to spread out those Clooney stories. I’m fine with your telling one every week!

    Thanks for the laugh, and a glimpse behind the TV screen.

    • Hi Lynne,
      LOL. I DO have to spread them out because I only have so many! Otherwise I’ll end up recycling them way earlier than planned. Glad you liked it. It’s one of my favs. I will never forget the sparkle in his eyes watching me sweat. Bad boy.

  5. I love your Clooney stories, but I can understand how you felt. George and my daughter could match wits. I’d just had bookmarks made. She read aloud the flip side: A small Southern California desert town, however she said DESSERT town, and followed that with “OMG! Mom!” I held my breath and was just about to grab it out of her hand when she said, “Gotcha!”

    • Hi Robena,
      Too funny! I’m totally laughing. Bad girl. Those two could have a “prank off.” I’ll stay clear of it. I do miss those days. Man, did I love to go to work everyday. LOL. Thanks for stopping in!

  6. A hot man with a sense of humor–can a girl ask for more? I love your Clooney stories…well…all your Hollywood stories, actually, but especially the Clooney ones!

    • Hi Sam,
      You said it so right! I think that’s part of George’s charm. That devilish smile and a great sense of humor. It doesn’t get better than that. I have a few more Clooney stories, but this is one of the funner ones. Thanks for stopping in!