You Heard It Here: Hollywood: Kiss and Tell — 10 Comments

    • Hi Robena,
      Haha. Yeah… Matthew and I kept looking over our shoulder to find him… trying to gauge how pissed he was and happy to discover he was nowhere to be seen! Whew!

    • Hi Lynne,
      LOL. I guess it never came up in conversation! Besides, I like to remain mysterious… apparently, even to my friends!

  1. I think the better question, Dee J, is who else have YOU kissed? I’ve kissed David Gandy, and Gerard Butler, and a whole bunch of other hotties…in my dreams. But in reality, not so much. That said, I’m pretty satisfied with the guy I’ve been kissing for the last 17 years! (Hubs).

    • Hi Sam,
      I hear ya. I’ve been very good with kissing my guy as well. (29 years this year!) Who else have I kissed? Hm… might have to save that for another blog post! Wait…do cheek kisses count?

  2. I just love your Hollywood stories, D! I have a few wild rock & roll stories I could tell, but I think I might have to take those to the grave…


    • Hi Leigh,
      Aw… thanks! And I want to hear YOUR stories!!! C’mon! You can spill one or two! You don’t even have to give names! Trust me…sometimes I don’t either! PLEASE!!! LOL.

  3. Ah what fun although it doesn’t sound like that kind of kiss at all. I cannot think of any fun kissing stories that I can share. Le Sigh

    • Hi Maria,
      I know… It wasn’t “that kind of kiss at all.” You are absolutely right. I never really described it, did it? It was lips for about three seconds. Nothing sexy or fancy. Kind of like… just the facts, ma’am. LOL. Plus he’s a few years younger than me so I felt like an old lady. Haha.