You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… — 14 Comments

  1. What a happy photo! I just love being around fellow writers, talking writerly stuff, and throw in 3K of words written…well that would be heaven.

    • Hi Robena,
      It was a fun date! Although I have to come clean on my word count. I did a little more than half last night when I got home. We gabbed way too much!! LOL.

  2. Adorable photo. Know what would have made it even cuter? YOU in it! (I’ll bet the counter-person at the Bean would have snapped one for you)!!

    2,600 words is awesome. I aim for 2,000/day, but some days I’m lucky to get 500. Interestingly Robin is my writing good luck charm too! If I throw you and Kate into the mix one of these days, maybe I get the bonus 600 words? 😉

    Good luck with your upcoming releases!

    • Hi Sam,
      Yeah, I didn’t think about having someone else snap the pic. But like I said, I was wearing the wrong colors. Haha. As I confessed to Robena, I did way more gabbing than writing and ended up finishing up at home. Still it was a fun day and a good word count day. I usually go anywhere from 1,200 to 2,500. All depends on the day and how stuck I am with the story. One day all four of us will have to meet!

  3. Happiness is…

    Driving on a balmy day with the top down and something up-tempo on the radio.

    Chatting and laughing with my adult daughters over a glass or two of wine.

    A bear hug from my adorable husband.

    Having the words flow like silk over warm, smooth skin.

    • Hi Alex,
      That’s an awesome list! I’m looking forward to doing #2 when my daughter is old enough. And I love #4. Always happy when that happens! Thanks for stopping in!!

  4. Ah, happiness I know thee well. So many things make me happy, but my happiest moments always come with my many girlfriends chatting and laughing our, erhm, well you know whats, off. I love laughing until I can’t speak and am close to crying. I love laughing through tears. I am with Truvy on that being “one of my favorite emotions.” (Steel Magnolias) Simply spending time with the people I love and enjoy and happiness really comes from there being so many of them. Thank you sweet baby cheeses.

    • Hi Maria,
      That is one of the best and simplest happinesses! Laughing with good friends… nothing beats it. LOL, “sweet baby cheeses.” That’s funny. I’ll be honest though, as much as I laughed through that movie, it pissed me off. I want the HEA… Grrr… Thanks for dropping in!

    • Hope we get to do again soon! It was loads of fun! I finally posted the pic on my FB page too.

  5. Happiness is…
    … the simplest, joyous moment. I love slipping away to my rooftop deck with my husband and a glass of wine. Enjoy the warm night and quiet air.
    Although, if I knocked out 2,500 words in a sitting I would be more than ecstatic! 😉 Way to go Dee!

    • Hi Tricia,
      Ah, yes! You have a beautiful deck! And a handsome husband, which will help make the beautiful deck even better. LOL. Sounds like a perfect picture. The good news was I even managed to pump out 2,100 yesterday! I don’t often get two 2K days in a row, but it’s nice when it happens.

    • Hi Charlene,
      I was definitely guilty of the gab. I was the worst of all of us. But nothing beats writer time with people you respect. I wish we could meet more often…