You Heard It Here: Happiness Is…

Writing. I don’t talk about the writing part of my life all that often, but I thought this month deserved a shout since I’m gearing up to have a couple of releases and I need them mostly ready before I start my day job back on the set.

Today’s happiness is a writing date with authors Kate Willoughby and Robin Bielman. Kate is my long time critique partner and Robin is an all around awesome lady. Actually both of them are awesome ladies and if you haven’t read any of their books, you should pick up a couple. They both happen to have releases on April 14, so keep a lookout for those ladies! You’ll love their books. Here’s a shot of 2 of the 3 of us on our writing date!

Kate&RobinApparently Kim and Robin called each other and coordinated their outfits. I was unaware of the turquoise memo, thus I wore the wrong color and couldn’t be photographed. LOL. Totally kidding. <G>  And I’m also happy because by the end of the day I managed to write just over 2,600 words. Not a bad writing day!

How about you? Any special people in your life who bring you happiness when you get to spend designated time with them?

Let me know!


You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… — 14 Comments

  1. What a happy photo! I just love being around fellow writers, talking writerly stuff, and throw in 3K of words written…well that would be heaven.

    • Hi Robena,
      It was a fun date! Although I have to come clean on my word count. I did a little more than half last night when I got home. We gabbed way too much!! LOL.

  2. Adorable photo. Know what would have made it even cuter? YOU in it! (I’ll bet the counter-person at the Bean would have snapped one for you)!!

    2,600 words is awesome. I aim for 2,000/day, but some days I’m lucky to get 500. Interestingly Robin is my writing good luck charm too! If I throw you and Kate into the mix one of these days, maybe I get the bonus 600 words? 😉

    Good luck with your upcoming releases!

    • Hi Sam,
      Yeah, I didn’t think about having someone else snap the pic. But like I said, I was wearing the wrong colors. Haha. As I confessed to Robena, I did way more gabbing than writing and ended up finishing up at home. Still it was a fun day and a good word count day. I usually go anywhere from 1,200 to 2,500. All depends on the day and how stuck I am with the story. One day all four of us will have to meet!

  3. Happiness is…

    Driving on a balmy day with the top down and something up-tempo on the radio.

    Chatting and laughing with my adult daughters over a glass or two of wine.

    A bear hug from my adorable husband.

    Having the words flow like silk over warm, smooth skin.

    • Hi Alex,
      That’s an awesome list! I’m looking forward to doing #2 when my daughter is old enough. And I love #4. Always happy when that happens! Thanks for stopping in!!

  4. Ah, happiness I know thee well. So many things make me happy, but my happiest moments always come with my many girlfriends chatting and laughing our, erhm, well you know whats, off. I love laughing until I can’t speak and am close to crying. I love laughing through tears. I am with Truvy on that being “one of my favorite emotions.” (Steel Magnolias) Simply spending time with the people I love and enjoy and happiness really comes from there being so many of them. Thank you sweet baby cheeses.

    • Hi Maria,
      That is one of the best and simplest happinesses! Laughing with good friends… nothing beats it. LOL, “sweet baby cheeses.” That’s funny. I’ll be honest though, as much as I laughed through that movie, it pissed me off. I want the HEA… Grrr… Thanks for dropping in!

    • Hope we get to do again soon! It was loads of fun! I finally posted the pic on my FB page too.

  5. Happiness is…
    … the simplest, joyous moment. I love slipping away to my rooftop deck with my husband and a glass of wine. Enjoy the warm night and quiet air.
    Although, if I knocked out 2,500 words in a sitting I would be more than ecstatic! 😉 Way to go Dee!

    • Hi Tricia,
      Ah, yes! You have a beautiful deck! And a handsome husband, which will help make the beautiful deck even better. LOL. Sounds like a perfect picture. The good news was I even managed to pump out 2,100 yesterday! I don’t often get two 2K days in a row, but it’s nice when it happens.

    • Hi Charlene,
      I was definitely guilty of the gab. I was the worst of all of us. But nothing beats writer time with people you respect. I wish we could meet more often…