You Heard It Here: Blog Tour Kick Off & Twinage!

I couldn’t be happier that Imminent Danger is out in the world! This week is the blog tour kick off and I hope you’ll join me at one or two stops. Pop in and say hi… I’d love to see some friendly faces! There are a few Living Dangerously giveaways happening as well so you can read all about Blake and Abbey’s first meet in that crazy elevator from hell.

Before I give you the blog tour schedule, I wanted you to meet a pair of twins I’ve worked with. Now… keep in mind that my father was a twin and his mother was a twin, so the twin gene is big in our family. That may be the reason I have two (very separate) instances of twins in the Adrenaline Highs series. I never even thought about it when I wrote a set of twins into the High Stakes series and since Blake is a cross over character, he gave the Adrenaline Highs a second set of twinage. (Yes. I said it… twinage. The first set were introduced in Dangerous Race with Trace Bradshaw and her long lost sister Chelsea Harding.) Now that I’ve set that up, I want you to know that I wrote the twins before I met these twins. But OMG, when I met these young men it was fiction becomes reality. They are Blake St. John and his brother Brendan. Since a picture is worth… well you know. I’ll just give you the picture:


I’ve actually posted a picture of the twins before when I worked with them years ago. Truly, they ARE the St. John twins. I couldn’t help but picture them when I wrote Imminent Danger. (I’d already written Against The Wall when I met them so I only had a picture in my head at that time.) You’ll never meet a nicer set of talented young men. Musicians (they have a band called Nevruary), actors, models, they do it all. I look forward to the day I run into them again.

So with these faces in mind, you now have a very clear picture of Blake and his brother Brendan.

And now..

Here are the blog tour stops in order of appearance:

8/12 – Night Owl
8/15 – RomCon

As far as this precursor to the tour, tell me, have you ever met a pair of twins that had you thinking indecent thoughts? Or, if you’re like my mom, maybe you married a twin and had to deal with two for the price of one. Let me know!



You Heard It Here: Blog Tour Kick Off & Twinage! — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Dee. My hubby is a twin and I thought I might have twins, a boy and girl. Well, I got the boy and girl, just not in one try! Your book is now on my TBR pile on Kindle!! Enjoy your blog tour..I’ll try to stop by from time to time!!

    • Hi Charlene,
      I didn’t know you married a twin! Very cool! I thought I’d have twins too, so I was relieved when I just had the one girl. (Yes, I’m chicken!) Thanks for picking up Imminent Danger! I saw that on FB! You’ve made my day! Have a great Sunday and hopefully I’ll see you (virtually) next week!

  2. Hi Dee J.

    We’re a twin-free family, but I have to admit I’ve always been kind of fascinated by the twin relationship–especially identical twins. Good luck on your Imminent Danger blog tour. I will definitely stop by!

    • Hi Sam,
      Oh man, I have some great twin stories for you. My dad and uncle were terrible practical jokers when it came to fooling people. Including my mom and my brother and sister. Thanks for swinging by! And I look forward to seeing you this week!

  3. My mother had twin sisters. None of my sibs picked up the gene. I always thought it would be wonderful, but then figured after handling just one baby at a time that it may have driven me quite mad. : )
    Congratulations on the release tomorrow!! I’ll try to catch some of your tour.

    • Hi Robena,
      Thank you! Yeah, the idea of twins always scared me silly. It was probably one of the reasons I waited so long to have kids. Haha. The just in case… Thanks for stopping in!