You Heard It Here: A Rough Start — 4 Comments

  1. I love the door. LOVE it. I am still sick – sinuses – ugh. I am a terrible sick person almost to the point of being terrible male sick. I miss that by a millimeter. Let’s just say that I can barely stand myself sick and leave it at that. Other than that, 2016 has been remarkably like 2015 so far. There’s already been fantastic, my mom’s 80th birthday, and some sad, the passing of David Bowie.

    Glad that you are feeling better. Again, LOVE the door.

    • Hi Maria,
      Thank you! The front (from the outside) is even prettier. (I should’ve taken a pic of that.) Sorry you’ve been sick! That sucks! Sending you healthy vibes! Happy b-day to your mom! 80 is an awesome milestone! Yay! Thanks for popping in!

  2. I love your new door. I’m sorry about the computer and health problems. 🙁 2015 wasn’t the best year for me family wise. Looking forward to a better 2016.

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you! I love it too! Hoping for a better 2016 for you and the family. I know it was a tough year. Sending good thoughts your way.