You Heard It Here: Hollywood Cover Model

This month’s Hollywood story isn’t so much a story. It’s more of a “day in the life” kind of thing.

I love when my writing job meshes with my day job. It doesn’t happen that often, but on the occasions when my world’s collide, it makes me very happy.

For instance, I always notice when we have tall, dark and handsome men on the show. (They can be blond too… I don’t discriminate!) It keeps my writer brain working even though I’m in Acting Coach mode. (I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I get inspired by handsome men. <G>)

Take for instance, Josh. He’s our stunt coordinator. We needed an extra super hero for an episode at the end of last season and the producers asked if he’d wear the costume. The rest is history. Here’s a pic of us, because I couldn’t resist.


I asked Josh when I first met him if he’d ever modeled for a romance novel cover. He hasn’t… but he said he might if asked. Yeah… you better believe I’m thinking about it. Haha.

Next, we have a man who guest starred on my show just last week. His name is Michael Foster and he HAS modeled for romance covers. Many of them. When I asked for a picture, he wanted to make it cover worthy so he insisted we strike a pose. How could I say no?

IronmikeFoster&me MichaelFoster&me








He thought it would be fun to make a mash-up of us along side one of his cover shots. Pretty funny. The best thing about both these guys is that they are two of the nicest men you will ever meet! You should totally follow Michael on twitter. he’s @ironmikefoster. Tell him Dee J. Adams sent you. I’m thinking of asking him to hang out at my booth at my October signing. What do you think? Should I do it? Would you like to meet Mike in person?

Just a side note… for anyone who read Against the Wall, this is the height difference I imagined between Tanner and Jess. So even though I’m short, I’m still “normal” in the scheme of things. Just like Jess. And Michael – and Tanner – are just big men. Although Tanner isn’t quite as big as Michael. I had him about two inches shorter and 30 lbs lighter. I guess I felt the need to put it out there since I had a few reviewers remark on the height difference. People of all shapes and sizes get together. I’m here to tell you anything is possible.

Back to the question… Should I ask Michael to be at my next signing in October in Burbank? Would it bring YOU out?


You Heard It Here! Cover Reveal

I just can’t hold it in any more! Here’s the cover for Always Dangerous, the last book in the Adrenaline Highs series!

Release day is October 6, 2015! it’s exactly 4 years, 1 month and a day after the release of Dangerous Race, the first book in the series.


Here’s the blurb:

Leo Frost has lost his house, his car and possibly his acting career. Releasing an independent film is his only hope of paying for his sister’s twenty-four/seven care, but he’s got to finish it first. The last thing he needs is a curveball from the one woman who could break his focus with a look, a smile and the most unexpected news of his life.

Kim Jacobs wants it all—a career in a big city, a husband and a family, but a tryst two months ago with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars leaves her pregnant. Knowing Leo doesn’t want kids or a wife, Kim decides to make her own happily-ever-after with the help of a recent inheritance. All that’s left is to tell the man and move on.

Kim’s short visit to L.A. turns deadly with a series of mysterious attempts on her life. Suddenly Leo not only has to save his career, he has to find out who’s trying to murder the lady who is stealing his heart. As an actor, danger was staged and nothing was at stake, but now the threats are all too real. If Leo wants a future and a family with Kim, he has to prove he can do more than play a hero onscreen, he has to be one in real life.


I’ll be honest… I never dreamed I’d have so many gorgeous covers for this series. I am over the moon with all of them.

So… what do you think!

You Heard It Here: Hollywood Perks

I think most people know that as glamorous as show business seems, it’s really a ton of hard work for everyone involved. Take for instance my day yesterday. 14.5 hours. Yep. If you include the commute, you can tack on another hour. From the cast to the crew, no one gets off easy. The hours can be brutal, especially when you’re working on a show that deals with special effects or visual effects and stunts. Oh and the occasional crazy makeup and wardrobe issues. Add in shows that are written “big” and you’re left with a long work week.

Because we work so many hours, the producers in charge are very sweet about trying to ease the pain. They tend to bring in coffee trucks on our longest work days. Sometimes the writers of the current episode will bring in an ice cream truck, or like this past week, a churro truck! Yes, you heard me right. We had a churro truck this week. (Yes, they were delicious!) Although I failed to get a pic of the churro, I did take a couple of bad pics near the end of tonight’s show. As you can see, my pics are pretty bad, but I just wanted to give you a taste (pun intended) of what one of the tables looks like.

CF tableofoodcake picCF

On the far end of the table is a pie and what’s left of a decadent chocolate cake. The next pic is cake we used for the show. (We had about 5 of them and this was the one not used in the shot.)

So, I’m going to see if I can remember all the fun perks from a few of my last shows. Here it goes in order of what I remember most by the frequency of the times I’ve had it and a little description of what we got:

Coffee truck – pretty self explanatory. They serve coffee, teas and sometimes smoothies depending on the company.

Ice cream truck – also self explanatory. They serve anything from soft serve to ice cream (in cones or cups), to smoothies or even sandwiched between cookies.

Crepe truck – one of my favorites. They usually serve a choice of several. My favorite is the apple/cinnamon crepe.

Fruit truck – Yep. Just like it sounds. Your choice of fruit and it’s usually topped with lime and a sprinkle of hot pepper.

Churro truck – I was new to churros until this year. Had never tried one. It’s like a cinnamon doughnut. Yummy bad-for-you goodness.

I know we’ve had more, but I just can’t seem to think of them at the moment.

Yes, I’ll admit it’s nice… but frankly, I’d trade in a 14.5 hour day for a regular 8 hour one.

How about you? Ever had a never-ending job?


You Heard It Here: Happiness Is…NYC

This month’s happiness actually begins Tuesday when I go to NYC with fellow author Kate Willoughby for the RWA National Convention!


(I thought a NY skyline might be the perfect pic for this blog!)

I missed the NYC convention last time and ended up at a smaller – although equally fantastic – East Coast conference months later. But it’s been so many years since I’ve been to NY that I’m crazy excited for the trip! Can’t wait to see some old pals and make new ones. My schedule is getting packed fast, but it all looks to be lots of fun.

Kate and I have even managed to find time to sneak in a Broadway show!

My next happiness comes with knowing that a cover reveal of Always Dangerous is in the near future! The last Adrenaline Highs has yet another stellar cover and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Finally, my last happiness comes with finishing the narration of not just one, but TWO books for Audible. The first one is scheduled for a late September release and I don’t have a date for the second one, but I’ll let you know when I do. And so you know… these aren’t my books, but they are close to my heart since they belong to a best pal. Any detectives out there may be able to figure it out, so if you feel like searching the interwebs, I won’t stop you!!

So that’s all my happiness this month! What’s yours?

You Heard It Here: RWA National Conference

July is always a big month for many romance writers because of the RWA National Convention. This year over 2,100 of us will converge in NYC to eat, drink, network and workshop our brains out. It’s going to be fun. And busy. Sleep is usually something we talk about, but do little of.

In preparation for the big event, I’ll be giving my Itching to Pitch workshop to the Orange County Chapter of the RWA on Saturday, July 11th at 10 a.m. (That’s tomorrow in case you’re keeping track!) You can click on link above for the chapter website in case you think you can make it. (I’m sure guests are allowed for a fee.) I’ll be signing books at lunch too, which is always fun!

The other awesome thing about THIS July is that I’ve just finished narrating an awesome book for Audible and will dive into another next week! As soon as I’m able to spill the beans, I’ll let you know what books they are and as soon as I find out when they’ll be available, I shout that out too!

And yet another thing that’s so fabulous about this month is that I got the cover for Always Dangerous! The last book in the Adrenaline Highs series! I have one word for this cover… GORGEOUS! A cover reveal is coming soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’m leaving you with a picture of the always adorable Zachary, who just celebrated his 12th birthday 4 days ago! July is just full of fun! How can you not love this face? IMG_0797 I mean… Is that the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen?

Is your July full of awesome! Tell me!





You Heard It Here: The Things We’ll Do…

This month I’m sharing a very recent Hollywood story. It will give you a little idea of the things we’ll do to make sure the show goes on. And trust me… the show MUST go on. It takes a whole lot to stop production. Schedules can (and will) be juggled, writing might be adjusted, but there is just too much involved to actually stop production unless something very major happens.

I’ll preface this story with telling you that we have a new cast member on my show this year. (Which, BTW, had it’s season 3 premiere this past weekend. Below is the trailer.) This cast member has the distinction of being the youngest actor I’ve worked with (not including babies who don’t talk). This little girl had just turned four when we began filming in April. I’ve worked with plenty of seven-year-olds, but four?! I wasn’t sure how that was going to fly!

Well, I’m here to tell you that some kids are absolutely naturals. I mean this little girl can deliver a line like nobodies business. And she’s adorable on top of it. So, that’s your set up. Here’s the story:

Working in children’s programming usually means we deal with outrageous episodes. Think slime. Think big costumes and over the top scripts. Especially since our cast is playing a family of Superheroes. A few weeks ago, it came time to shoot a particular scene with the kids dressed in outrageous mix-matched outfits. Imagine footie pajamas/tutus/cowboy boots/boa/big sunglasses… All on one little four-year-old.

We got to the scene, but it was the first time the actors were actually in their crazy wardrobe. And sometimes, wardrobe isn’t that comfortable. Clothes might pinch, shoes might be too tight or give you blisters… any number of things can happen that might make an actor uncomfortable.

Try explaining to a four-year-old that she has to do the scene no matter how much something bothers her. I’m here to tell you… it ain’t easy.

I’ve never begged and pleaded more in my life. Haha.  We managed to get the scene done and all was well, but not until after I’d promised this sweet little girl an awesome surprise for the next day. (Yes, I resorted to bribery. A first for me.) So…there I am, that night, wracking my brain for what to bring to work that might be considered something “awesome.” I perused my swag shelf. (Everyone has a swag shelf, right? That place where all the crap you get at various conferences or vacations go when you get home.) Lo and behold, I found a wand. Not just any wand… but a sparkly wand! Hm… what little girl wouldn’t love a sparkly wand? BUT, I thought, I have to do better than that. Only how?

I’m a writer, right? I should be able to figure this out. And I did.

I wrapped the wand and went to work the next day. Before I presented Maya with her gift I prepped all the actors and producers with my plan. With several cast members standing by, I gave Maya her present. She opened it up and seemed to like her wand. But when I told her that it wasn’t just any wand… I got her full attention.

“THIS is a magic wand!” I said. “Every actor gets one at a certain point in their career. And you are the youngest person I’ve ever worked with to get her wand so soon. Do you know why you got it?” I asked.

She shook her head, no, her eyes wide as she listened.

“Because yesterday, when you were upset and uncomfortable, you found the strength to work through it and shoot your scene anyway. Now, you have the power to do it whenever you’re uncomfortable or upset.”

“How does it work?” she asked.

<holy crap>”Well,” I began, totally adlibbing my brains out. I took the wand from her hand and held it in front of her. “Whenever you’re upset, but you have to work in a scene, you close your eyes, wave the wand and count, one, two, three!” I tapped the wand over her head. “And that gives you the power to pull up the strength to shoot the scene.”

She bought it. Thank God. We ended up using the wand that day for real, but so far that was the only time we’ve needed it. I think she almost didn’t want me to use it, but I did and she got this look in her eyes, like… “well, I HAVE to do this now.” LOL. It was kind of very adorable.

Anyway… I’m here to tell you that this kid is going to work for the rest of her life if she wants to. Keep your eyes out for Maya Le Clark. She’s the bomb. (Of course, when she grows up and finds out what I did, we’ll see if she hunts me down and if I’m alive to share THAT story!)

So that’s just one of the things I’ve done to make sure the “show goes on.”

What about you? Any last minute tap dancing to keep something moving along? Tell me about it!


You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… Narrating

This month’s happiness is very new and hot off the presses! I still can’t share all the details, but I can tell you that I will be back in the recording studio narrating not just one, but two new books! And before you ask which two of my books I’ll be narrating, I’ll say none of them! For the first time, I’ll be narrating someone else’s books! Here’s a shot of the last studio where I narrated Living Dangerously.


I loved this space. It had a very relaxed, almost Zen, quality to it. I probably won’t be in the exact studio, but it will most likely be something similar.

Now… as far as the books I’m narrating… You guys will love them! The only hint I’m going to give you is that I know the author. I know… not much to go on since I know dozens of authors, but I don’t think I’m allowed to spill the beans until the audio versions are released. Feel free to guess away, but I won’t confirm or deny anything. I’m pretty sure they’ll both be released this summer so you won’t have too long to wait, and I will definitely shout it out – as will the author – when they are out!

So, that’s my happiness! What’s yours?

You Heard It Here: How Many Years You Got?

This past Sunday, June 7th, my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. I remember when my parents celebrated their 25th so it’s weird (to me) to have hit that mark and beyond. Actually, it’s been a very family milestone couple of days since my daughter also graduated high school on Monday evening. Where does the time go? It’s crazy how life just flies by. And the older you get the faster it goes. I’d love to know the science behind that. Haha.

Here’s a shot of me and my guy from the late 1980s. (Notice the hair! Haha)


We were babies, I tell you! Babies! But he’s still my best friend and I love him to pieces. I never thought about Father’s Day or graduation when I picked our wedding date. (6/7/89) I was just into the numbers thing and liked the date so viola… we got married on a Wednesday, no less, to make it happen. Of course as the years went on, I realized that I might have erred in being a June bride since June is so busy with grads and dads. And we found out this year with our own grad. So, as I said, it was quite the milestone week.

What about you? Any milestones this month?

You Heard It Here: Hollywood Stunts

This months Hollywood story is fairly recent. It took place last year on the show I’m currently on. Our lead actors are crazy talented. They act, sing, dance and even do many of their own stunts. They used to do more until an accident on set. You can bet that any time the paramedics are called, it means things will change. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me preface by saying that nearly every episode is like shooting a mini feature film (every week). We are constantly shooting stunts, visual effects and special effects. You’d never know that watching our little 30 minute show just how many hours goes into making the finished product.

On this particular episode, the actors had rehearsed a fight scene all week and it looked fantastic. They were flipping, kicking and throwing punches like nobodies business. Even though we had stunt doubles standing by, it wasn’t very clear if they’d be doing any of the fight scene because the actors were athletic enough to pull it off. Below is a shot of those stunt punches. You can see on their faces how focused and into the scene both actors are.

The Thundermans Production Photos

Cut to shoot day. The actors are in their wardrobe for the first time. The lights are up, the cameras are rolling. We got through different segments of the fight scene and everything was going great. Then we got to a tricky part of the fight. Jack (who plays Max), had to perform a high kick that Kira (who plays Phoebe) had to duck. All week long they performed the move without a problem, completely impressing all of us. Well, this time, things didn’t quite go as planned. A combination of things happened to change the circumstances. One was wardrobe. Jack’s pants weren’t the loose fitting sweats and light sneakers he’d been rehearsing in. He was wearing skinny jeans and hefty boots. Also, we were shooting this fight scene at the end of the day so count fatigue as a small factor as well. (The actors had been in since early morning and already put in a full day.) Basically, Jacks booted heel connected with Kira’s head. We all heard the thump. We all gasped. Jack immediately ran to her. He knew she was hurt. Kira stood there for a second before backing up and sitting on the rock you see in the picture. Actually… I’ll just show you. The Thundermans Production Photos

No one felt worse than Jack and he stayed by Kira’s side the rest of the day and into the night when they went to the hospital for stitches. If you look closely enough, you can see the blood on her white pirate shirt. Ugh. Poor kid. What a day. Needless to say, their stunts are limited now, although they still do a few things. Kids are definitely resilient!

Kira healed just fine, although the scar on her head is sensitive to weather changes. Haha. And she showed up to work the next day and worked all day long with stitches in her head. You know what they say… the show must go on. Show business is relentless that way.

How about you? Ever had to work through the pain?



You Heard It Here: Happiness Is…

You know how sometimes life can just kick your ass. Sometimes you struggle to find the happiness.

This month, I don’t have one particular happiness and I’ll be honest, it’s been one of those struggle times.

It’s one of those times when I’m thankful for my family. The roof over my head. The dogs cuddling in my bed on chilly mornings.

I’m happy and thankful (still) for my new kitchen which is almost 2 years old – except it’s so pretty that it’s still like new.

I’m happy and thankful for my day job and being able to work with some amazingly talented and fun people. I’m very thankful that they appreciate what I do and respect my input.

How about you? What’s your happiness this month?