You Heard It Here: Hollywood Then and Now — 4 Comments

  1. Nothing makes me feel my mortality the way seeing someone I’ve always known as a kid, is…holy crap…a grown up…a productive member of society…a parent! Thank God we don’t age as fast after 35, right? Right?!

    • Hi Sam,
      LOL. RIGHT!! Of course! Not nearly as fast… uh-huh! It’s true though… I feel the same as I did 20 years ago, I just don’t quite look the same.

  2. I met up with an old boyfriend from my early twenties(thirty years later) and all I can say is there was a reason the romance didn’t last. Ha ha.

    • Hi Robena,
      LOL. That’s funny. Or maybe not. Haha. Kind of makes you glad you got out while you young, I guess. I hope you at least had fun remembering the good ol’ days. Michael and I did a lot of reminiscing. Thanks for stopping in!