You Heard It Here: Hollywood: George Carlin Style — 8 Comments

  1. I loved George carlin too. Funny without being vulgar. Great mind. No blue food! I’ve been fortunate to have met a lot of class acts in my life, just no one any of your readers would know about . Wait. You! They’d know you, you’re definitely a class act.
    Loved the Carlin story

    • Hi Lynne,
      Aw… you’re too good to me. LOL. George was occasionally blue, but mostly he was just very wonderful. He also used to do a bit about dogs being little tragedies waiting to happen. He was so right. Glad you like the story!

  2. I recently was able to talk with Jim Fox, ex-NHL player and TV analyst for Fox Sports West for the LA Kings. He is a class act. So generous with his time, down-to-earth, gracious and gentlemanly.

    • Hi Kate,
      Love that! I love when public people are regular people. Especially love when they’re open to sharing their knowledge! Thanks for dropping in!!

  3. I remember the George Carlin show. I loved it! Come to think of it, he had a dog on the show too, didn’t he?

    I’m lucky enough to know several class acts, and you, Dee J., are at the top of the list. You take care of your family, work hard, pursue your dreams, AND, you’re the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence winner in the romantic suspense category for your book, “Living Dangerously”!!! Woo-hoo!

    • Hi Sam,
      Yes! The dog on the show was named Miles! He was a sweetie! So cute! And thank you! You’re a sweetie! I happen to think you’re a class act as well. And I couldn’t be more thrilled about the GWAoE!! I’ll be riding that high for quite some time! I’ll return the congrats for you double RITA nom!! How very exciting is that!!! Can’t wait to cheer you on in San Antonio! Thanks for coming by!

  4. Awesome news on the Gayle Wilson Award. And so well deserved!!!

    I think Peter Marshall is a class act. Some years ago my car broke down in front of his house and my son had a high fever and we were heading to the doctor’s office. Peter rolled the car to the side of the road and then drove me to the doctor’s office. : )

    • Hi Robena,
      OMG! I totally remember Peter Marshall! What a great story! Love it! And thank you on the GWA! I’m still pretty buzzed about the whole thing. 🙂