You Heard It Here: Happy New Year! — 10 Comments

  1. It is hard to believe that 2013 is finally here because for me 2012 seemed to not ever want to stop. And what is this, a George drive-by, a George sighting? ; ) You know my favorite George movie is One Fine Day, right? Well, if the telly has nothing decent on tonight I might watch that. Now there’s a plan.

    • Hi Robena,
      Really? 2012 whizzed by for me. I’d take a George drive-by any time. LOL. I like One Fine Day too. Of course, I’ll take any movie with George. He’s too cute. I like your movie plan. I would join you if I wasn’t so far away. (See how I almost invited myself over. LOL.)

  2. I love all your Hollywood stories, Deanne! No reunions for me lately, but I wouldn’t mind a brush with George. 😉

    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013!

    • Hi Robin,
      Yes, there’s never a bad time to brush up against George. LOL. Happy New Year to you too! I can’t wait to start your book! I just have to finish the one I’m on. It’s taking me forever!

  3. I enjoyed your post, Dee J., and had to add a bit about George Clooney. He and his pot-bellied pig used to live next door to my uncle before George was known as anything besides being Rosemary’s nephew. Not much contact then, but it’s fun to mention now.

    • Hi Linda,
      Those were the days when I knew him. He brought Max to the set a couple of times. He was a sweet little piggy. I never saw him when he got too big to go to work with his daddy. LOL. I told George he was going to be way more than just Rosemary’s nephew.

  4. Wow. I’m a little starstruck. And no, no reunions for me. : ( My beloved aunt was supposed to come for the holidays but circumstances prevented it.

    Happy New Year, Dee!

    • Hi Shawna,
      Happy New Year to you too! Trust me, I was tremendously star struck when I started working on Roseanne. I don’t think too many people knew George from “The Facts of Life” but I had a HUGE crush on him from that. I think I did a triple take when I looked at the cast list on the first day of work. GEORGE CLOONEY!! I think I was mute when I first met him. LOL.

      Sorry your aunt didn’t make it in for the holidays. Maybe spring break? It’s worth a shot! 🙂

  5. Great story! Regrettably, all my George Clooney encounters have been in my dreams, (but they’ve been really, really good ones). 😉

    • Hi Sam,
      Haha. Thanks! Yes, many of my George encounters have also been dream related. LOL. Funny… I don’t regret them at all,