Release Month Fun! — 12 Comments

  1. Loved both of your novels!!! Don’t include me in the drawing.

    Contemporary romance/romantic comedy is my fave genre. Just not enough of it out there. I adore Jennifer Crusie and Susan Elizabeth Phillips fo r those laugh out loud moments.

    • Hi Robena,
      I love those ladies too! They are at the top of my list. You know you’re going to get a great read with both of them. Thanks for stopping in! (And really glad you enjoyed both books!)

  2. My favorite genre is paranormal/fantasy/science fiction, but not hard sci-fi. Of course all of it has an element of suspense. You need the bad thing and a villain to play the hero and heroine off of. What I enjoy about the paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi stuff is the magical/futuristic elements but how the human side of it remains. The search for love, connection and the need to create family.

    I too already have both books (LOVE!) – so don’t enter me into the drawing either.

    • Hi Maria,
      I like paranormal elements, but I haven’t been converted to a sci-fi fan so far. For me, learning a new world can get confusing if I can’t keep the rules straight. Of course, for years I never read vampire books and Laura Wright converted me with her Mark of the Vampire series, so I never say never to anything. It just takes the right book and author for me to see the light. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Romantic suspense! Nothing tops the melding of my two favourite things: the adrenaline rush of a thriller and the HEA/warm fuzzies of romance!

    The books are on my to-buy list, so I’m definitely game for winning book 1 😉


    • Hi Cris,
      I hear you! Romantic suspense is my favorite too for the same reasons. (Maybe that’s why I write it. LOL.) I’d have to say your odds for winning are pretty good at the moment. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  4. I’d have to go with Romantic Suspense although lately I’ve been on a Paranormal Romance kick. Give me books like yours & Suz’s & throw in a few of Jeanine Frost’s or the BDB’s & I’m a VERY happy girl!

    I’ve got both your books already too, so no need to enter me in the drawing…I just wanted to be part of your “countdown” 😀 Can’t wait!

    • Hi Renee,
      I like some paranormal. I guess it just depends on the degree of the para. LOL. Take Suz’s newest release, Born to Darkness. I LOVE that book! It has just the right of paranormal for me. It’s something I buy so I get totally invested in the story. Thank you so much for being part of my countdown!

  5. Hi Dee,
    Thanks for offering to let us read your books. I thought at one time I had a favorite genre. I was wrong. At first I thought it was pure HEA romance. I’ve read all of Nora’s books and most of Sandra Brown’s early work. Then I tried Janet Evanovich’s early love stories and graduated to her Plum series. So I enjoy whatever genre they say Janet writes in. I fell in love with Jennifer Weiner. Her big-girl-has-crappy-romance stories are right up my alley. Then I ventured into Historical Romance and thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Karen Hawkins and Judith McNaught top my list in that category. Rough and ready cowboy novels spur my interest. Linda Lael Miller captures the modern wild west with her sexy cowboys. I also enjoy a good thriller, a trip to fantasy land and a great boxing novel–go figure. But after reading several romantic suspense-who-done-it-leading-to-HEA, I think I’ve found a home. I’d love the opportunity to see how your characters stack up. If the covers of your books are any indication of what adventure lies inside–I’m all over them. Thanks much.

    • Hi Carol,
      Wow! Look at those genres you read! Good for you! I’ll admit, I have to have my HEA. (I guess that makes me a HEA snob. ) Judith McNaught is one of my all time favorites too. I think I have her whole collection. Thanks for dropping by and good luck!

  6. Hands down romantic suspense. There is something about danger and a hot guy that keeps the pages turning. My favorite author is Karen Robards. I’ve never read your work, but the blurbs sound exciting. Best of luck on the release of Dangerously Close.

    • Hi J.L.,
      I’m a big romance fan too!(Probably why I write it. LOL.) I haven’t read Karen yet, but I’ve only heard good things. Thanks for dropping by and commenting and good luck on the drawing!