Last Chance for Dangerous Race!

Happy Friday! We’re just a little more than a week away from Dangerously Close and here’s the last question for our Dangerous Race give away. (Next week begins the Danger Zone give aways so stay… um… CLOSE! )

How sexy do you like your books? Do you prefer the sweeter romances or the smokin’ hot, burn the house down kind? Are you okay with 50 shades of dark or not so much into the pain?

Thanks for stopping by and keeping me company this week! Hope to see you next week for the Danger Zone give aways! Have a great weekend!


Last Chance for Dangerous Race! — 3 Comments

  1. I can enjoy either as long as sex scenes aren’t taking the place of having an actual story. Sometimes a YA book has better plots and characters since it doesn’t rely solely on hot scenes to catch your attention.

    • Hi Lucy,
      I hear ya. I’m learning there can be too much sex! (And editing is a bear. LOL.) Good point about YAs, too. Thanks for coming by!