You Heard It Here: Hollywood More George. (Carlin) — 8 Comments

  1. My goodness, I would not be holding my hand out to that dog, and yet I owned Akita dogs who many found scary (I thought intelligent and loving)and was oftened asked if they were part wolf.

    Feel better. Hope the plague leaves soon. : )

    • Sean figured if the guy was going to bring his dog to work that he had to be friendly right? Ha. Not so much! Akita’s are beautiful! But I can see how people might be intimidated by them. And thanks… I hope this plague leaves soon too.

  2. Since becoming a mom, I’ve noticed people have a huge blind spot when it comes to their kids and pets! (Yes, I include myself in that group…on both counts).

    Years ago, a supervisor brought her 7 year old son to work with her, and basically unleashed him on me under the guise of having him “help” me. After I babysat her kid most of they day, she came out and said, “Oh, we’re trying to teach him the value of working, so please give him $20.00 for his work today.” I waited for her to hand me a $20.00, but it was not forthcoming. Then it dawned on me…she expected me to pay her son out of my own pocket, as if having him bang some keys on a computer and mess up my files for a day had actually helped me out!

    • Hi Sam,
      That is crazy! I think I probably would’ve been fired after saying something like, “What a great idea. And by the way you owe me $10 an hour for the last 4 hours of babysitting your kid!” Argh… Thanks for coming by and sorry for the delayed response. This plague has killed me.

  3. Oh jeez! I love dogs and cats and kids. But sometimes they’re not the best additions to include in certain places or scenarios.

    I warn my potential chiropractic patients that I have two cats. In the past I had someone arrive at my place and totally freak out about cat allergies. Don’t want to repeat that!

    Thanks for a fun post.


    • Hi Pamela,
      Ah, I kind of understand the cat hair thing since I’m one of those highly allergic. Although I don’t freak out, but I will vacate the premises. Glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping in. My apologies for the delay in responding.

  4. Always love your stories, Dee J! I have no weird animal stories (haven’t owned a pet since I left home at 18) but almost 2 years ago now, my 98-year-old father-in-law gave me a Betta fighting fish for my birthday. (Weirdest gift EVER?? Um, yeah.) So now I’m stressed about keeping the fish alive as long as my FIL is still around! (Wouldn’t want to kill the fish & insult my FIL.)


    • Hi Leigh,
      Wow! That is definitely a unique gift. I was terrible at keeping any fish alive when my daughter would win them at carnivals. I dreaded when she walked in with that little baggie. Always glad to have you here! Thanks for coming by and sorry for my delay!