You Heard It Here: Happy Mother’s Day! — 8 Comments

  1. Happy mother’s day to you too, Dee J. I’m glad that you feel your mother’s presence around you, protecting you and guiding you. I don’t believe we ever really lose the ones we love.

    Hope this week is better to you healthwise. Don’t work too hard. Hugs.

    • Hi Robena,
      I agree with you. I don’t think we really lose the ones we love either. And thanks… I hope I’m on the road to recovery. It would be nice! Thanks – as always! – for stopping in! You’re the best!

  2. Hey Dee J.,

    Hope you are feeling better. Happy Mother’s Day back at you! I hope it was a good one, despite the plague you are battling at the moment. I can definitely see a resemblance between you and your mom–in appearance and the presence of friends in your lives. I think she would be very proud of you!

    • Hi Sam,
      Aw… you made me teary! What a very wonderful thing for you to say! It was a nice day here! No complaints! Although I’ll be really happy when I ditch this cough! Thank you for dropping by! As always! You’re da’ bomb!

  3. A lovely tribute to your mom. My mom was one of a kind, too. I guess it takes a great lady to have a great lady, right?

    Hope you feel 100% soon

    • Hi Lynne,
      Haha. That sounds about right, since you are one of a kind, too! And thanks… I hope I’m 100% soon too! As always, thanks for dropping in!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Dee. I hope you’re feeling better. I contracted a head cold, which was not the full blown plague.

    My mom’s still around but I lost my grandma recently and sent some loving thoughts toward heaven yesterday, missing her.

    I hope you had a great Mom Day!

    • Hi Kate,
      Aw… I thought of you yesterday. The first holidays without our mamas/grandmamas are the hardest. Glad you only got a head cold instead of this disastrous yuck that I battled. Hope you had a good Mother’s Day too and thanks for stopping in!