You Heard It Here: Hollywood Icon

Today I thought I’d tell a recent story and it involves one of my favorite people. The amazing, Betty White.


In 1995, I worked on a pilot called Maybe This Time with Betty White, Marie Osmond and some new guy, Craig Ferguson. (Haha)

I loved the people and worked my butt off that week, running lines with Marie and Betty until my throat was raw. (Those ladies work so hard in whatever they do!) Unfortunately, I didn’t go on to work the series and it ended up going for only one season.

Now… that’s not my story. This is my story:

A few months ago, I was asked if I could get a book to Betty by friend and awesome author, Kelsey Browning. Kelsey writes The Granny Series with her pal Nancy Naigle and they thought it would be really cool if Betty had a copy of their book.


Let me say right now, that I don’t have access to every actor in Hollywood, but I do know a few people in a few places and I was able to set up a little meeting with Betty. Keep in mind I hadn’t seen her in 19 years! But I walked into her dressing room and reintroduced myself. She gave me the biggest hug and we had a lovely chat. I handed over the goody box that contained Kelsey and Nancy’s book and she gratefully took possession. We only had a few minutes because she had to be on set, but Betty is as lovely as any human being can be. She will always be one of my favorite people in Hollywood. I got another good bye hug before we left her dressing room and I cherished every second. That woman is gold.

How about you? Anyone in your past that you’d love to see again? Anyone really special that you’d love to catch up with for a few minutes? I’d love to hear about it!


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    • Hi Kaitlyn,
      I agree! That woman absolutely shines! She’s lovely inside and out! Thanks for dropping in!

  1. I think Betty White is awesome! It must be such a thrill to get to know some of these Hollywood icons in their everday life rather than as we see them…on the TV or movie screen.

    • Hi Robena,
      She is wonderful! A lovely lady with a huge heart! I do feel especially grateful to work in show business. I may bitch about the hours, but I do love my job and the people I meet. Thanks for coming by!

  2. I love all your Hollywood stories, Dee! And I always love hearing when a celebrity is just as nice in person as they seem to be on TV and such. Betty is a gem!

    • Hi Robin,
      Aw… thanks! Glad you enjoy them! Betty is a true gem! I adore her. She was so sweet when I gave her the box. “Thank you SO much!” she said. And I knew Kelsey and Nancy wanted to thank HER so much for accepting it.

  3. Betty White always reminded me of my mother, and of course I’d love to see my mother again and get caught up on EVERYTHING!

    Also loved Betty – especially as Sue the homemaker on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Aw! Now I picture your mother as Betty White. And, yes, Sue Ann Nivens! Homemaker and hell raiser! LOL. Loved her on MTM! Thanks for dropping in!!

    • Hi Barbara,
      LOL. Actually the Betty hand-off happened a couple of months ago. Pre-RAL. But I did get to give Kelsey and Nancy hugs from Betty at the luncheon! Yay! Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Lovely story, Dee! Betty White is the best, and such an inspiring role model on how to age with grace, while keeping the fire. Thanks for sharing the story!

    • Hi Kady,
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Betty is the best, I agree! She’s so funny and, yes, very inspiring! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Okay, I see a lot of high profile names in your blogs, (and that’s a big reason to tune it), but Matthew Perry, George Clooney…whatever. Betty White is major! I love her!! Kathy Griffin tells a hilarious story about sitting at a table at some roast with Betty White, Don Rickles and, like, Debbie Reynolds. Don was being Don, talking trash about everyone, and Betty leaned over to Kathy and said, “Oh yeah, back in the day, I f*cked him.”

    So awesome! Glad to hear she’s as wonderful for real as she is in my mind. Now…can you get my book to her?!

    • Hi Sam,
      LOL, I was waiting for someone else to ask if I could get their book to her. You were the first! (I think maybe that’s why I held off on telling this story. Haha.) Yeah, she is so funny. She comes out with those zingers and you don’t expect them from that sweet face. I was kind of kicking myself for not adding my book to the one I gave her, but the thought didn’t even cross my mind until after the fact. I guess since Kelsey and Nancy’s book is in The Granny Series, it seemed up her alley. Anyway, I agree with you. She is MAJOR in so many awesome ways.

  6. Hmm, love Betty White in all her many and varied roles. She’s just so funny and beautiful. I keep trying to find these two girls, twins, who were my best, best friends in elementary school. The last time I saw them was in high school at the beach. Not sure if they reverted back to being the wonderfully funny girls that I knew or stayed the snotty itchy young women that I ran into at the beach. I still want to know even if it could turn out ugly.

    • Hi Maria,
      Yeah… girls are tough. I worked with a 12 year old who was a horror. I met up with her 20 years later and she’d grown up to be a lovely lady. You just never know if people will grow up or not. It’s a crapshoot! Thanks for dropping in!