You Heard It Here: Release Date! — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Dee,
    Just read your post. No you are not crazy Dee.I am not a psychic but I believe in it very strongly. I am from the island and we island people have that sixth sense about things that are about to happen.In fact I myself have had many weird experiences…many of these experiences have been things that I had dreamed about or would see it in my mind…weird huh! Someone said that we do have that sixth sense in us…some utilize it in some form or another and others would just allow it to lay dormant and believe that it is just crazy coincidences.. Good luck Dee and I do hope you find some answers and piece of mind..

    • Hi Marie,
      Very cool! I’ve actually had a few dreams come true, so I do believe that there is some type of other power working for us. Whether we can tap into it or not is the question. I was just always cynical of other people because it’s hard to trust strangers. But my only session with this woman was amazing! Especially after the things she said started to become reality. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. I didn’t used to believe in them, but because of you and your experience, I do now.

    • Hi Kate,
      Yay! I’m so happy I converted you! LOL. But you know me… I’m a hard sell. This lady is the real deal. Can’t explain it, but I’m still a believer. Thanks for popping in!

  3. I’m a non-believer, for the very scientific reason that if I can’t explain something, it must not be possible! However, I do have this sixth sense that Imminent Danger will be a huge hit, and I can’t wait for the cover reveal.

    • Hi Sam,
      I hear ya. I only have one thing to say… I can’t explain math equations, but I know they exist. Haha. Oh, wait, but they are scientific and can be explained…just not by me. Either way, thanks for the sentiment on Imminent Danger! From your mouth to God’s ears! Speaking of hits…I just bought “Best Man with Benefits”! Can’t wait to dig into it! And I’ve noticed, it’s a definite hit! Congrats!! Very thrilled for you!

  4. I feel like psychics tend to give me a different perspective to look at things. I don’t necessarily see them as giving me information about my future as much as changing the way that I see it. I am talking about tarot card readers and what-have-you. I kind of lump them all in together.

    Congrats on the book birthday! That’s incredibly special. 🙂 I had a pre-release come out on my Mom’s B-day. She’d have loved it!

    • Hi Michelle,
      I see what you mean. I guess I see it in terms of my future since so much of what she said before actually came true. And though I’m leery of knowing my future, per se, I am curious to know what direction I might be headed. Hope that makes sense. Yeah, I think our folks are smiling down on us. And congrats on the new release!

  5. First, congrats on your release date/dad’s b-day. And psychics are for real. One told a friend her loving husband would try to kill her, among other things. Well, he went crazy and tried to kill her. I know a police psychic – a friend asked me to ask him what was wrong with her husband. He nailed it. Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond others whereas precognition is knowing the future. So much more to ESP – I’m actually currently writing about someone who has some powers. Maybe it’ll actually get published one day! One can only hope.

    • Hi Delania,
      Wow! That is scary and fascinating stuff! And I agree with you… they are for real. People have different strengths and this ability – in my opinion – is just a different kind of strength. Good luck on your project! Sounds awesome!

    • Hi Julie!
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Thank you… And yes, managing a mentalist counts! Haha! I hope I get to meet him one day!

  6. Dee –
    I once had a psychic take a ring I was wearing, hold it in her palm and told me I’d never die in a plane crash! I was dumbstruck because I’m very afraid of flying, but I certainly had never mentioned anything to her! Now whenever I’m on a turbulent flight, I keep repeating her words… I’m never going to die in a plane crash… I’m never going to die in a plane crash… It helps!

    • Hi Leigh,
      Wow! That’s cool! I need that for my husband. Haha. I’ll bet it does help! So much in life is mental, you know? Who knows… all those positive “I’m not going to crash” vibes might be keeping the plane in the air. I wonder what she says to people who WILL die in a plane crash. Yikes! Thanks for coming by!!