You Heard It Here: Hollywood Firsts — 10 Comments

  1. Ha ha. That is too funny. I don’t recall any firsts like that for me, but an actress friend and I used to play tennis (she was dreadful) and she gave me a headshot and a listing of the shows she’d been on and there was a bio that listed everything she was proficient in, and yes, there was tennis. : )

    • Hi Robena,
      Ha. That’s funny. Yeah… actors will say they’re proficient in a lot of things to get a job. (I should know since I told the producers I could roller blade when I’d only skated before. LOL.) Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Loved the story and got a kick out of the Ruth Buzzy reference. I could totally remember her characters and the thought of you skating low cracked me up.

    My mind always goes blank with blog questions. Yes, of course I’ve learned stuff many time from doing it wrong the first time. That’s what life is about, right?

    sending hugs your way as I know you’re going through a tough time.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Ruth was always fun to watch. She didn’t have to utter a word to get a laugh. Thanks for the hugs! Always welcome.

    • Hi Robin,
      I WISH I had pictures from those days. All those memories are in my head. I need to find the video and get some stills. That would be fun. Thanks for coming by!

  3. What I love about this story is how game you were to do it! I think you’ve retained that same adventurous spirit even though its, like…what…5 or 10 years later. 😉

    What have I learned from doing it wrong? Hmm, definitely writing. I’m still learning, (and probably still doing it wrong).

    • Hi Sam,
      Yeah… 5 or 10 years later… Sure. LMAO. It was the first of 3 camera appearances I needed to get my SAG card, so I was thrilled to do it! (Broken bones weren’t even a thought!) First, I think we’re all learning our craft as we go, and next… you are SO NOT doing it wrong! You’re an awesome writer! I love your books!

  4. Ruth Buzzy! I remember her! Someone told me once I looked like Linda Hunt. Personally, I don’t get that. Short people all resemble each other? I don’t think so. Not all tall people look like Kareem Abdul Jabar. Hrumph. LOL

    • Hi Kate,
      What do you mean? I thought you and I were dead ringers for each other. LOL. Apparently all I had to do was bend over and I looked like her. Hey… that maybe didn’t come out right… Haha.