You Heard It Here: Valentine’s Day — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Dee J,
    Great topic. I’ve been married 12 years to an amazing guy. From day one he made it clear that he wasn’t romantic. He is at times, he just doesn’t know it. My hubby loves to cook and does all of the cooking. He likes to plan a special meal for me on Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of flowers.

    • Hi J.L.,
      Aw! How sweet is that! Very cool. Love those Keepers! My guy likes to cook too when he has a chance. Life has been crazy busy for both of us the past 8 months and it feels like we’ve been passing in the night. Hope you have an awesome Valentine’s Day with your man! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Love a man who cooks, and calls on the way home to see if there’s anything he can pick up! (Would it be wrong to always say, “A bottle of wine”?

    This is more a love-at-first-sight story than a V-Day story, but I guess my hubs noticed me the first day of law school, turned to his roommate and asked, “Who’s that?” He replied, “Her name is Sam, but forget it, she has a boyfriend.” He said, “She’ll have a new boyfriend soon.” He was right.

    • Hi Sam,
      Ha. A bottle of wine sounds good except I’m allergic. But a nice cold 6 pack of beer would be perfect! I’ll have to remember that. I LOVE your story!! So awesome! I had a similar thing with my guy. I called him and his roommate after the 3 of us had spent an evening together. Hubby answered the phone and said, “We flipped a coin to see who was going to marry you and I won.” And so he did. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. I’m loving the Valentine’s stories. Don’t have one to add. I usually forget the day, except when it comes to my kids. This year I’ll treat myself. Not sure how yet, maybe a spa day. ; )

    • Hi Robena,
      A spa day sounds heavenly! Can I come with you? I’ll bring you chocolates and flowers. LOL. Oh wait… I have a 13 hour day Thursday. Guess this counts me out. Have fun with whatever you do! Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Have you guys been fighting again? LOL. Couldn’t resist.

    I have a very sad Valentine story – This year, as some people may know, I broke a bone in my foot. So, over the weekend, my husband broke the news to me that he’d planned a special Valentines that would have to be postponed.

    He’d found out about a walking dinner in Santa Monica where you stroll from restaurant to restaurant for various food tasting, walking a couple of miles by the end. Any other year this would have been a great evening to share with my love. However, this year, I went and ruined it!


    • Hi Lynne,
      Oh man, that totally sucks. What a bummer! But I’ll bet he’s being very good to you while you gimp around the house. Maybe you can do it next year…? Hope you’re feeling better and getting around on two good feet soon! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Well, see here’s the thing. My one “memorable” Valentine’s Day isn’t the kind with an HEA. I was in college, predominantly female (it had gone co-ed only the year before and only 22 male students were on campus), and dating a young fella from a nearby town in upstate New York. He came to pick me up one night, and we walked through the student center to his car. The center was where mail and packages were delivered and as we walked in, the place was stuffed with flowers. Literally hundreds of vases of roses, and lilies and everything imaginable in the blossom category. He looked around and asked what was going on with a bemused expression. I told him, “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

    And that was the extent of the celebration.

    I can still remember the sad little twinge in my heart when I realized he hadn’t known, and frankly didn’t care.

    But that memory is what inspires me every time I sit down to write a wonderful, loving romance hero. I am determined to create the kind of man who would never give a girl that sad little twinge.

    And how cool is that? SO, thanks, Frankie!

    • Hi Lise,
      Oh man… what a clueless dude. That’s the kind of valentine’s day you want to forget. Haha. But I’m glad it’s inspired you to write an awesome romance hero. We can always use those! Thanks for stopping in!