You Heard It Here: Opposites Attract — 8 Comments

  1. I think most people tend to hang out with people like themselves, so along comes this person who seems “different” from the regular friends and they become very interesting. Wow, how can you be like this? Why do you live this way. Do you really do that like that? Why? I guess that can be intriguing?
    Did I make any sense? Do I need more coffee before I comment on blogs today? 🙂
    Good blog! Oh, and love the picture.

    • Hi Lynne,
      LOL. You did fine! I totally understood you. I think you hit on the right word: intriguing. People who do things differently than we do ARE intriguing. I just wonder how long that “shine” of an “intriguing” person might last. A lifetime, maybe… or a few days/weeks/months? I’m sure that time varies depending on the couple. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. The picture is great! Best wishes on the books (all of them of course)…I think opposites can attract but then they have to remember why they were attracted to each other in the first place and not try to change each other, if they want the relationship or friendship to last.

    • Hi Veronica,
      I wholeheartedly agree! As long as those opposites respect each other for who they are then they have a chance. I think anytime people start to try to change other people, they could be in for problems. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Hi Dee J.,

    Congratulations on “Living Dangerously”! I think you hit the nail on the head…opposites attract because we see something in the “opposite” that we wish we possessed. Hubs and I are living proof opposites attract. He’s logical and analytical. Meanwhile, I’m the least analytical person you’ll ever meet, but I like to consider myself an emotional savant, (or a complete and utter bullshitter). One of those. 🙂

    • Hi Sam,
      LMAO. You are too funny. No wonder I love you… I adore a bullshitter. But, yeah, I think opposites can appeal to each other in that forbidden, “I could never be like you so I’m going to be WITH you” way. So glad you popped over! Thanks!

  4. I think the word “intrigue” covers it well, and I’m like Sam, married to the total opposite. It’ll be 42 years next Wednesday, so it lasts at least sometimes!

    • Hi Liz,
      Wow! Happy Anniversary next week! That’s awesome! I’m a fan of “intrigue.” (I like the way the word sounds, too. LOL.) There’s just something fascinating about people who are unlike ourselves, I guess. Thanks for stopping by!