You Heard It Here: Old Time Hollywood — 8 Comments

  1. I loved Dom Delouise. He was hilarious and had perfect timing. I can’t remember the name of the movie but he played (Maybe it was something like Fatso?) a guy who was sick of being fat, but he tugged at my heart and made me laugh. I’ll always remember the line – “You’ve got to know how to run your plate.” Where he explained to someone else how it was an art to finishing everything on the plate with just enough bread left to scrape up the last of the gravey. Very funny man.

    I’d be star struck around any of the 1950s stars. Once got very star struck when I saw Fred Astaire and Peter Falk in Dantanas in the 1970s. Also nearly fell over when I saw Alan Bates in Westwood – also in the 1970s. Oh, oh, oh, and I saw Ray Charles!!!! at the airport heading to Boston with us when our kids were really young, and I told my babies – that man is a legend.

    Fun memories. 🙂

    • Hi Lynne,
      Love the “run your plate” stuff. So awesome! I would’ve totally fallen over to see Fred Astaire and Peter Falk. Wow!! Or Ray Charles! Very cool! Yeah, I think I’ll always be starstruck at someone. But I like the feeling. LOL. Oh… yay on your freebie for One For The Road today and tomorrow! I tweeted!

  2. I remember Dom DeLuise well. He was all over television when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s. But as far as meeting any actual stars…not so much. You certainly lead an interesting life Dee!

    • Hi Jana,
      Yeah, he was all over TV, but I think my most vivid memories are Cannonball Run and Smokey and the Bandit II. I just always knew he’d make me laugh so I liked him for that reason alone. His son makes me laugh too. A nice thing to inherit. LOL. And, I’ll admit… my life is not boring a lot of the time. (Although sometimes – like now when I have to finish cleaning the bathroom…it’s very boring!!)

  3. I confess I only know of Delouise by name, and because he’s mentioned in Sleepless in Seattle, lol. I would’ve totally fan-girled if I’d ever met Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers or Cyd Charisse, or basically any dancing star from the golden years of Hollywood musicals. But I haven’t met very many famous people in real life, so I’d probably fan-girl myself no matter who it was! My husband used to work at a famous movie theatre in Hollywood and would meet celebrities all the time, but I was one of those people who grew up in Vegas and lived in LA for years without ever even seeing a celebrity. So one day, I was in his office at the movie theatre and my hubby poked his head in and said, “You know how you never see any celebrities? Well, Ben Stiller is in the lobby.” Excited at the opportunity for my very first “celebrity sighting,” I rushed out the door and almost ran smack into Mr. Stiller as he headed into his theatre. It was painfully obvious that I’d been rushing to ogle him, but he was very gentlemanly about it, simply nodding and saying “How you doing” before slipping into the auditorium. I slunk back into the office, red-faced. LOL.

    • Hi Laura,
      Great story!! I’m still chuckling. Haha. I would’ve done the same thing… slunk off red-faced. And I’m with you about Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers and Cyd Charisse. Anyone with the talent of song and/or dance gets my fan-girl self.

  4. I remember Dom DeLuise! Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, Robin Hood-Men in Tights. Funny, funny man. I don’t know if he qualifies as “Old Hollywood” or not, but I’ve stood in line at Ralphs with Dick Van Dyke. He’s very upbeat and friendly. Everyone around kind of lights up when they see him. It’s sweet.

    • Yes! All those movies with Dom!! And Dick definitely qualifies! He’s a sweetie. I’ve never met him but he gave a eulogy for a mutual friend of ours and he was so cute and sentimental and funny. Everyone loves him. I’ll bet that was a fun line to stand in. LOL.