You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… — 12 Comments

  1. Awwww. Poor babies. Big hugs.
    Yep, those kinds of things, where the happiness bubble is burst, are tough. You’re kind of trapped because there is nothing you can do. I’d definitely do a giveaway on Goodreads. I had really good success with one, and fair success with the others. Maybe you could do a fun giveaway on your blog and title it Damaged Goods. 😉

    • Hi Robena,
      Love that Damaged Goods idea!! I need to rub elbows with you more often! Yes, Goodreads seems to be the front runner! Thanks for the hugs!

  2. Hey – sorry about the mangled package. Dang. You only need to give 1 or 2 books away at Goodreads, and don’t expect to get a review from the recipient. I’ve gotten exactly one review from 3 or 4 different giveaways.

    I’ll be glad to take a mangled book off your hands!

    Hug those babies. They’re beautiful covers.

    So my daughter felt her baby move for the first time – great joy. Then mass shooting and extreme flooding. Just like your books arriving, life will never be perfect, so we have to grab our joy and not feel guilty about it as it comes.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Yes! One of these mangled books has your name on it! Trust me, they’ve been hugged repeatedly. LOL. So exciting about your daughter feeling the baby move! That’s awesome news! Yeah, life is always going to be a roller coaster! We just have to roll with those ups and downs!

  3. I can’t remember a time when a good thing was diminished. I can remember lots of times when something not so good happened and I always tell myself it could have been worse. Then I imagine the many ways it could have been worse and usually end up feeling like I got off easy!

    • Hi Kate,
      Yeah…I’ve done that a few times too. I tell myself it could’ve been worse. But then occasionally it GETS worse and I’m like…what just happened here? LOL. I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself if I do it now. I knock on wood a lot!

  4. Getting to hold your book in print is a wonderful thing, even if they do have a couple of scars. I love Robena’s idea of having a ‘Damaged Goods’ giveaway on Goodreads. I’m happy because I finished all the blogs and interviews for my two week blog tour coming up in October. But I’m sad because I’ve been sick all week. Cold/flu/hacking up a lung. It’s not been fun. But I think I’m finally on the mend now.

    Have a great giveaway!

    • Hi Jana,
      Oh, man… sorry you’ve been sick! That’s the worst. But yay on your upcoming release! That’s very exciting! I love the “Damaged Goods” giveaway too. It even has a nice ring to it. The Damaged Goods on Goodreads. LOL. I have to get that plan in motion. Life’s been nutty lately! Feel better!!

  5. Ah, happy moments that have bad/sad endings. I know that I’ve had those, but I have more memories of sad moments, grief filled moments, lightened up by laughter. I learned that from my dad.

    I agree with Robena about having the give away and titling it Damaged Goods. Explain what happened and then do the give away. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Plus, have them put two of the books on their “to-be-read” shelf.

    • Hi Maria,
      Yes, I’ve had plenty of those moments too…the grief filled ones filled with laughter. It’s funny how they can run so close together. Almost like love and hate. I was so happy to see those books and so crushed to see them, uhm…so crushed!! Sounds like Damaged Goods is what I’ll be doing. Robena is one smart cookie!!

    • Hi Janie,
      I think you’ve got the right attitude. There’s no point in concentrating on the bad stuff. I try to do the same thing. Look at the the good and let the bad roll off my back (if I can). Thanks for coming by!