You Heard It Here: I Covet… — 15 Comments

  1. OMG! There is nobody who deserves this more than you, girl! I am soooo proud of you! One memento of one of my accomplishments hangs in my office – it is the Illinois Latin award that I won in a contest in another lifetime. Oh, and the plaque I got for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…of IOWA!!!! For reals:)

    • Hi Julie!
      WHAT? How did I not know you’re in the R & R Hall of Fame in Iowa? I LOVE that!!! So cool! I want to see the plaque too! That is awesome! And thank you… I do love my printed book.

  2. You keep moving forward. You show that there is a home for it all. I covet having one of my books in my hand, but at this moment I covet an orange Electra Townie 7 speed bike. I want me one of those so, so bad.

    • Hi Maria,
      Ah… a speed demon, are you! That’s great! I’ll bet my husband would want one of those too. He loves his bike. One day you will have your own printed book to covet! I’m sure of it.

  3. Ten years! There is hope for me! Congratulations.

    I don’t know if this will win the book but my triumph is my floopy belly and hideous stretch marks. I had a baby at 45, after years of miscarriage and one loss to SIDS. I was told I was “done”, I gave my baby-hopeful stuff away finally and braced myself for what I thought was early onset of menopause to find, finally, I was pregnant again and amazingly I carried to term and now as I type I have a very FAT toddler on my lap. So that’s my triumph. I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about the baby weight and extra skin after all these years of heart break.

    I know the joy of a print book in-hand. I have two and am so glad they are in print. Tangible is yummy. Again, congratulations.

    Even if I’m not picked, would love to have you as guest on’s newly formed Book section (run by moi). I love a good tale of triumph (and I love Carina, who rejected me very nicely, twice, damn). Ping me.

    • Hi Sophie!
      Oh wow! Congratulations to YOU! Now THAT is a great story! So glad you got a happy, healthy baby! They are worth the baby weight, extra skin and stretch marks.

      I would love to be a guest on Book section! Just let me know what you need and when you need it! And just to clear, the give away copy of Dangerous Race is in digital form. (I don’t have enough print copies to give out!)

      Sorry to hear about the Carina rejections. R’s are never fun.

  4. You should covet that book! It’s fabulous! If I were you I’d walk around the house holding it close to my chest at least five times a day. And maybe stroke the cover. : )

    And happy, happy birthday! I know it’s marked on my FB page but just in case something happens I don’t want to not say it. And I meant to hug you yesterday and then you disappeared.

    So: *confetti toss* *streamers* *birthday shouts!*

    • Hi Roben,
      Thank you! Birthdays are better since I get to share the occasion of my debut novel being published as well. Speaking of which… when I first got it, I slept with it. For several nights. LOL. I still gaze at it. I think it could be love. Haha. (And between you and mean… it’s possible that there is stroking involved.)

  5. Wow, it was cool just to come here and read those stories. My covet thing would be the same as yours–the book-in-hand thing, and I’m lucky to have had that. Cool blog!

    • Hi Liz!
      Yeah… there’s nothing like holding your own book in your own hands for the first time. I smile just thinking about it. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. It almost makes it worth it not to final, doesn’t it? I have seven copies and I haven’t yet been able to give away one. I keep saying I will but then I look at them…and they’re all mine! So yeah, I covet too!

    Happy birthday month! (It’s my birthday month too!)

    • Hi Shawna,
      Yes! I thought whether I finaled in the RITAs or not I was going to be very happy! I still have most of my copies too. LOL. It’s hard to let them go. Happy birthday to you in another couple of weeks! Thanks for dropping by!