You Heard It Here: Hollywood Pain Part 2 — 6 Comments

  1. Curses on Rosea…SpongeBob! The only person who’s ever hit me so hard I saw stars was me. But I’m a repeat offender! Walked face-first into a sliding glass door and broke my nose. Slammed my head into a low-slanting roof beam and nearly gave myself a concussion. Many unfortunately incidents with kitchen cabinets. Basically, I should wear a helmet at all times.

    • Hi Samanthe,
      OMG! You poor thing! Cut that out! Yes, helmets are a good thing. Haha. I don’t often have that head banging problem seeing as how I’m not so tall. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Never been hit, thank God, but have seen stars from walking into things. My poor son had his ear perforated more than once from ear infections. My heart nearly exploded seeing that boy in such pain. May spingebob’s karma dump on her enough to make her ears explode!

    • Hi Lynne,
      It’s so hard to watch our little ones in pain! It’s the worst feeling in the world. Sounds like you and Samanthe could start a club. LOL about Spongebob. Sometimes I wonder about karma… but who knows. I think all in all I’m a much happier person than her so I’m okay with that. Thanks for dropping in!

  3. What a mean set!! I usually find a bunch of nice people to commiserate with if someone is mean. Like Samanthe, I’ve walked face first into a glass door. That’s when I found out that the expression “fat lip” was a real thing.
    I confess to almost knocking out Barry Corbin in a performance of Dylan. My stage slap missed its mark and caught him on the jaw. I was so embarrasses.

    • Hi Susan,
      It wasn’t really a mean set per se… just a whacked out star in need of meds. Haha. Most everyone else was pretty awesome. Seems as thought walking into glass doors is a theme here. And I’m sure Barry forgave you. Thanks for dropping in!