You Heard It Here: Happiness Is — 10 Comments

  1. I drove up to L.A. on Thursday to visit my 101 year old ex mother in law, and dear friend, who had fallen and had surgery on her hip on Tuesday. It was a surprise and it put a huge smile on her face.

    She didn’t want me to leave but I knew I had to get ahead of the after school and business traffic. Got on the freeway at 3:45pm. Forgot all about Coachella Fest. 4 hours later I arrived home at ten minutes to 8, AMIDST THE BUSES, AND COACHES, AND WINNEBAGOS AND ANYTHING ELSE FLYING THE COACHELLA OR BUST FREAK FLAG. But you know I’m still smiling about my visit and getting ready to go up there again.

    • Hi Robena,
      Oh man! The broken hip and terrible traffic are the worst, but how awesome that you surprised your ex MIL. That’s the best! I’m sure it made her day! I think good things will come to you because of that good karma. Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery for her and NO traffic for you next time around. Thanks for stopping in and for paying it forward!

  2. I love pay it forward. Recently we were in NC and visited some of my husband’s friends. The wife of one of his bicycle buddies happens to be a very talented person. She’d written an entire series of books for her grandson, even did the illustrations and had them published in hardcover format – just for her grandson. I read them and suggested she look for an agent and happily took her to places to look for people who represent children’s books. Turns out my ex-agent – who no longer represent romance is heavily into YA AND Children’s board books. I wholeheartedly recommended her and promised to read her query before she submitted. I also saw a list of other agents – many we all know from romance – who represent children’s books as well. It was nice to be able to confidently know these ladies reputations from my many years in RWA. I feel like I’ve helped her get started on a good path toward publication. Who knows?

    • Hi Lynn,
      I love this! To be able to use your experience and knowledge to help someone toward publication is a perfect PIF! I hope you’ll come back and let us know how it goes for her. Thanks for coming by and for paying it forward!

  3. I love these stories! Mine’s a more literal pay-it-forward. Fri. I received my very first advance–a $100.00 for a novella. Woo-hoo! Hubs and I admired it and joked about what too do with $100.00. Then I got an email about the West, TX community and a fund that had been set up to help the families and rebuild the schools in that community (they lost 3/4 of their schools in the blast). Suddenly, I knew exactly what to do with it.

    • Hi Sam,
      OMG!! You are a total Rock Star!! How awesome is that PIF! You made me teary. My heart has been with West since the explosion. What a devastating situation and they’ve hardly received the press because of the Boston bombing. I hope others take your lead and donate as well. Thanks for sharing your PIF!

  4. Dee J.,

    What a wonderful topic to blog about. I don’t feel anything I’ve done matches the heroic measures of the police, fire department and doctors in Boston. However… last night I did drive 2 hours to watch my friend’s seven-year-old daughter be a tree (and she was really good) in a 3 hour children’s play.

    • Hi J.L.,
      LOL. I think that’s a great PIF! Hey, very few of us will be able to PIF like first responders, but the little things we do DO make a difference in people’s lives. I’ll bet your friend and her daughter were thrilled that you made the drive! And I’m so glad she was a good tree! Haha. Thanks for stopping in and for paying it forward!

  5. She was REALLY happy–thrilled–that you sent me that copy!! It was so very kind of you!! I’m even happier you enjoyed the book so much!! 😀

    • Hi Sandy,
      Yay! I’m thrilled you’re thrilled. LOL. Yes, I thought you wrote a terrific book! It was a twofer for me. LOL. Read a good book and PIF. Enjoy your print copy. You should get it next week. Have a great weekend!