You Heard It Here: Happiness Is… — 14 Comments

  1. Wow – you are bursting at the seems with happiness – and for a good reason – or should I say for good reasons. Wonderful to hear all of this.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my orthopedic boot will come off next week and that my broken bone has healed completely. I will be very, very happy about that.

    One other thing – kind of “you heard it first here” I agreed to write another continuity for Harlequin Mills and &Boon Medical Romance and that marks my 20th contract with Harelquin. A nice March Milestone, for sure.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Thanks! And CONGRATS to you!! That’s awesome news! So thrilled you’ve hit that 20 milestone! I’ll be keeping good thoughts that the bone is healed and the boot is history. You’ve got a good list of “happiness is” too. Yay!

      • Hi Maria,
        Thank you! And I feel the same way. I love hearing/sharing good news with friends. Especially in such a tough business. I’m lucky to have awesome friends and super support system. Nothing beats that!

  2. I love your happinesses Dee J and Lynne. : )

    Good things going on everywhere. My happy, happy, is I just signed off on galleys of Book #3 this morning. Whew! My next happy is reading through the submission requests from SoCalRWA before crossing fingers and sending them on their way. Busy, busy. ; )

    • Hi Robena,
      Congrats on signing off on book #3!! Great news! I feel your relief. LOL. I’m doing the same thing with prepping submissions from conference. Yep, very busy! When does it slow down?

  3. So sorry I missed the conference. From all reports, it was fabulous, and yes, you have many reasons to be bubbling over with happiness!

    I’m very happy to be closing in on my favorite words – The End – on the third book in my baseball series. Even though I know I’ve got a lot of revising to do, it’s good to know I’ve told the complete story.

    Oh yeah, and opening day for the Yankees is just around the corner! Life is good!

    • Hi Roz,
      It was a GREAT conference! Maybe you can come to the next one. (2015, I think. Sounds a long way off!) Ah… the end! Two of my favorite words. LOL. Congrats on that! Each one is a milestone. Yankees…baseball, right? LOL. Kidding. Enjoy your season!

  4. Happy news was the complete and utter success of the conference and book signing. I’ve been sleeping for the last three days. I didn’t realize just how much stress I’d put on myself for the conference.

    I got my car back but think it is at the end of its life span. Sigh.

    I cannot wait to start writing again. Yippee!

    • Hi Maria,
      You deserve all that sleep. It was an absolute success! You and the committee should be uber proud of the job you did! So sorry to hear about your car though. Bummer! I know the feeling! Enjoy writing again! That should be a welcome relief after all your stress/work. Let it flow!!

  5. First off, big CONGRATULATIONS on the BV interview and the invite to her reader conference. Soon all her followers will know what we in LARA have known for awhile…you’re AWESOME!! And CONGRATS on being a Gayle Wilson Award finalist!

    Happiness this month was hanging with my chicks at the SoCalRWA conference. 😉

    • Hi Sam,
      Thank you! I really am geeking out about BV’s interview and luncheon. And the GWAoE is a lovely surprise! No complaints from me. I agree with you… Happiness was totally hanging with the gals at the conference. Now I have to crack open your book! I can’t wait to read it!

  6. See, she was interested in the audio book experience LOL! It all sounds like so much fun, well I’ll get to the conference next year, I HOPE. I’m happy you’re happy, which I know has been said before today but all those good vibes are catching!

    • Hi Veronica,
      I thought of you when she mentioned the topic of the interview! The exact words in my head: Veronica is right! LOL. Glad the good vibes are contagious. That’s my hope.