You Heard It Here: Dare To Dream

Dare to dream.

You heard me. Everyone has a dream, right? Everyone has a hope or a wish or something they want with all their heart. The problem is sometimes our dreams aren’t easy to attain. Sometimes we have to work really hard for an unbelievable amount of time to even get close to a dream. But what happens when it comes true? What happens when all you’ve been working for actually becomes reality? There is almost nothing better. I say “almost” because I’m very lucky to be married to a great guy and we have an amazing daughter. My life is full of love and laughter and I try not to take it for granted.

But my dream… I never thought I’d sell a book. After trying for so many years it was beginning to look like it wouldn’t happen. I know there are a few people who had to wait longer than I did before they sold their books. (Although I’m sure the majority do it a lot faster!), but my point is don’t stop. Dare to dream and if you keep working hard and keep an open mind, listen to the people around you when they have a constructive critique… and in general just roll with the punches… your dream will become a reality.

(Okay, the picture is actually on its side, but you get to see some of my favorite authors! All of them inspirations for me! And it’s very possible that my printed copy of Dangerous Race also is on hand for me to stare at when I’m feeling blue. That ALWAYS lifts my spirits!)

There are many paths to that open door and you’ll find the one for you if you just keep at it. I’m the proof.

So… what’s your dream?



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    • Hi Liz,
      Absolutely! High five! There’s nothing like seeing a new baby go out into the world! Thanks for coming by!