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Yep, it’s the beginning of the month. Even more importantly, it’s the beginning of my release month! Dangerously Close will be out on July 23, so you can head to my website or FaceBook page to check out the daily countdown. And because it’s so purty… I’m posting the cover. <G>

As promised, I have another Hollywood story for you. Since Dangerously Close is about a rock star, I thought I’d share one of my singing experiences. Along with working as a dialogue coach behind the scenes, I also worked as a stand-in many times. (I think it’s fairly self-explanatory… I stood in for the actor who wasn’t available to rehearse, which often meant I stood in with the A-team or real actors.) I had the fortunate experience to work on the second annual (1995) VH-1 Honors. There was one specific medley with Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Wynonna, Boys II Men and Bette Midler. I stood in for Bette Midler who couldn’t make the rehearsal. (Yes, I was slightly freaking out. LOL. Incidentally, I should note she ended up dropping out of the number and Wynonna took her place. I sang You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me in rehearsal. Vince Gill replaced Wynonna in her original song.) As the song progressed, each artist made their entrance onto the set from a different area. I was the last person to enter and as I came on stage with the microphone to my mouth ready to belt out the song, Whitney Houston was standing on her mark and said, “You go, girl!”

Oh. My. God. Whitney told me, “You Go, Girl!”

I had a total freak out moment before diving into the song. I knew it was a moment that would be with me forever. I still remember her smile as she rooted me on. Trust me, I’m not a great singer and every artist on that floor knew it. But I committed and belted out the song the best I could. To be standing in a line with all those artists at the end of the song as we all sang together is one of the highlights of my life. (I still can’t believe Whitney’s gone. It doesn’t compute in my brain.)

What about you? Did you ever get a supportive word from someone you admired and it totally made an impact on you?

Have a great day and remember… You heard it here!

Dee J.


You Heard It Here! Icons — 10 Comments

  1. Romance author Muriel Jensen sent me a note that said, Don’t give up. Never give up. I kept it until the ink had faded away to nothing. And I didn’t give up. She’s one of my favorite people to this very day. I loved this post!

    • Hi Veronica,
      Thanks. That was one of the great ones. I’ll never forget it. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for dropping in!

  2. Wow! Dee J. I hadn’t heard that story of yours. What an incredibly thrilling moment that must have been. Congrats! again on the soon to be released third book. I’ve read and enjoyed the other two and look forward to this one. Oh, and super cover.

    • Hi Robena,
      Thanks! It was thrilling. (I posted a link to the video in case anyone wanted to see the actual song when they sang it.) And I agree… I got another great cover. The Cover Gods were looking down on me. LOL. I’m also thrilled that you enjoyed the first 2 books. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you than total commitment to whatever you decided to do. I’d have frozen on the spot. I know that I’ve received words of encouragement but at the moment I cannot think of anything because all I can think is that you sang with Whitney Houston and I am with you about not being able to compute that she’s gone.

    • Hi Maria!
      Trust me, I nearly did freeze. In fact, it’s possible that I started singing a couple of bars too late. LOL. I will never forget the joy and encouragement in her eyes when she said that to me. I’ll hear one of her songs on the radio and it stops me when I think that talent is no longer with us.