RWA Conference Follow-up. — 4 Comments

  1. I’m still reeling!!!! It was great to see you. Super, super thanks for the introduction to editor Mallory Braus, even though it was on the fly as I was heading to the ladies room. I can’t believe I got in a pitch for a series of three books with an over-arching theme in under five minutes, and made it to the bathroom without wetting my pants. Hee hee.
    You are the best, Dee J.

  2. Hi Robena,
    LOL. You’re funny! I’m still reeling too! And I’m so glad I got to introduce you to Mallory. She’s awesome. I love her. I’m equally glad that you did not wet your pants as well. Haha. That might have been bad. I’ll keep all digits crossed that she loves your series!

  3. I think we romance writers left our imprint on Anaheim – and it certainly left one on me. Head still spinning. Pitched, and in large part due to your excellence pre-conference posting, got a request for a full. *happy dance*

    And yes, there were some men at conference, too – I have photographic evidence!

    • Hi Beverly,
      Congrats on the request for a full manuscript!!! Excellent news! Yay you!! I agree, I think we definitely left our imprint. It was fun to hear the hotel staff or other guests discuss how “Love was in the air.” LOL.