August 3 / 1 day

“Breathe,” she told him quietly in the same tone he’d used on her a number of times. “In and out.”


Was she freaking asking for his permission to strip? “Hell no, I don’t mind.”


“I just knew then. You were it for me.”


August 2 / 2 days

Blake watched her walk away, unable to tear his gaze off the perfection of her ass.

Whipped much?


“I’m giving you free rein to touch, knowing I won’t—can’t—even by accident—touch you back. Have at me…”


August 1 / 3 days

“I want to show you how it feels to be touched the right way.”


He needed mercy.

She had none to give.


July 31 / 4 days

Hysteria lurked right on the edge and Abbey battled it back.


A hot sting zipped across her thigh a second before she turned the corner.


July 30 / 5 days

The instant awareness of dry mouth coincided with the sick taste of a gag and made her stiffen.


She’d been a victim already in her life. She wasn’t going to be one again.


July 29 / 6 days

Blake heard the tussle and his heart nearly beat out of his chest as he bolted in the room.


“Find people in the building. Ask questions. You’re no help to her if you can’t think straight.”


July 28 / 7 days

Her heart rate soared as his beefy arm wrapped around her from behind, but Abbey was already moving, twisting…


A sharp fist to her kidney cut off her air. Pain exploded in her back and ricocheted in her torso…


July 25 / 10 days

He was about to pull away, when she got closer and deepened the kiss.


This didn’t feel right at all. The hair on her neck prickled as she felt his presence behind her.


July 24 / 11 days

“Eyes on mine,” he whispered as he closed the distance.


Slowly, he let his lips brush against hers in a barely there kiss. She was as soft as he imagined.


July 23 / 12 days

The sparkle in his blue eyes faded as he watched her and something serious took over.


“Has anyone ever kissed you, Ab?” he whispered the question.


July 22 / 13 days

“He was a girl in a past life,” she told Abbey. “He never lets me forget anything.”


“This job means that much, huh?” #romanticsuspense


July 21 / 14 days

“That’s three. I’m totally making a list. Three jokes in one day. This is a new record, right?”


Abbey sighed, wishing the night over already. Wishing she’d never gone to that Seger Hughes concert…


July 18 / 17 days

He didn’t want to move, could barely manage to get air into this lungs knowing it was Abbey touching him now.


Blake’s sidelong glance nearly melted her panties.


July 17 / 18 days

“Don’t. Please, Abbey. Just stay. I promise I won’t ask you any questions. Just stay with me.”


And boom, he was right back in the palm of her hand, needing to comfort her, needing to keep her safe…


July 16 / 19 days

If Blake had known that would get Abbey to hold his hand, he’d have considered standing in traffic months ago.


“Don’t—” His sudden attempt to face her sent a shock of pain sizzling through his chest…


July 15 / 20 days

Just like that, the lights went out on the sunny day.


“Yeah, it’s not every day a guy gets to make out with a Hummer tire.


July 14 / 21 days

in thirty minutes she’d transformed herself from stunning girl to absolute Miss Universe perfection.


“Abbey!” Blake yelled at the top of his lungs as he sprinted toward her. He’d never make it in time. “Watch out!”


July 11 / 24 days

“Don’t you dare ma’am me,” Julie said. “I’m not even thirty.”

“Yes, sir,” Abbey said obediently.


No one ever thought she was tough. She probably perpetuated that notion with her wardrobe.


July 10 / 25 days

That brief contact of her soft skin sent a bolt of heat straight to his gut.


“You haven’t been a bitch. Just a puzzle.”


July 9 / 26 days

“Abbey…” Frustration bubbled over the edges. It ripped him up to see her so upset.


Blake laughed and gently used his index finger to close her mouth. Just the tiny touch zinged through him.


July  8 / 27 days:

“Nobody to get, but we found blood.”


“It’s going to be okay,” he whispered. “The detectives will figure out what’s happening. These guys are good.”


July 7 / 28 days:

Run! Get help! Hurry! The words flashed in her brain as the danger hit her head on. “Get her!”


A brick wall stopped her. Strong arms came around her and this time, the scream dying to get out, let loose.



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