October 5 /1 Day:

“You really don’t like my cousin, do you?” she asked.


Longing, strong and sharp, welled up in her chest.


“I’ll kiss to that,” Leo said a second before grazing his lips over hers again. And again.


October 4 / 2 days:

“You remember what happened the last time we had pizza?”

She did. Very clearly.


He kissed her with a desperation that made her ache.


October 3 / 3 days:

Real life happened with a lot more grit and a lot less happy involved.


“A walk up?” she asked.

“What gave it away? The stairs?” He lifted an amused eyebrow.


October 2 / 4 days:

The scenery blurred as Leo whipped through the air like a rag doll.


“Wow. Dinner theater in Los Angeles? Who knew?”


October 1 / 5 days:

Her small inhale set him on fire, but he didn’t rush into anything.


He bent close to her ear, his hat tapping the side of her head. “What would make you happy?”


September 30 / 6 days:

“Now we wait for the cops to come to the rescue and hope they get here before a killer.”


“You are Bride-of-Frankenstein scary, girl,” she mumbled.


September 29 / 7 days:

A sharp turn came up and the wheel barely responded.


He smiled against her lips before going in for more.


September 28 / 8 days:

The four most dreaded words in the English language. We need to talk. Nothing good ever came from those words.


“You cannot and will not tell me what to do, asshole.”


September 25 / 11 days:

A baby… Someone to love and cherish for the rest of her life.


“Oh, God.” Pregnant. This was not how she envisioned this moment.


September 24 / 12 days:

“I wish she wasn’t dead either.”


He needed to find a way to get his hands on that money.

September 23 / 13 days:

Meow. The softest little sound he’d ever heard. Meow. 


“I know your secret.”


September 22 / 14 days:

The high-pitched shriek woke Leo Frost with the finesse of a jackhammer.


The coyote turned on him, a low growl rumbling in his throat.


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