April 13: 1 Day

His thumbs stroked across her cheeks, then he palmed her nape and brought her closer.


The ground stilled, but another rumble caught her attention and she saw a large crack form on the remaining slab of cement.


April 12 / 2 Days

“I watched that whole thing come down.” His voice hitched. “I thought…I thought…” That she’d been killed.


The ground rumbled and Elena froze. Oh God, not again. 


April 11 / 3 Days

Looking up, she flashed her light in time to see the growing crack in the cement above.


April 10 / 4 Days

“You know, if you give me ten minutes, I’ll show you again just how much I liked the last twenty minutes.”


April 9 / 5 Days

He wanted her and she wanted him. No sense in wasting what might be the last few minutes of her life consumed with what ifs.


April 8 / 6 Days

“You have this confidence that’s so magnetizing, so…sexy, it makes it hard to keep my eyes off you.”


April 7 / 7 Days

“I just know that I hope we get out of here because I’d really like to have that dinner. Watching the sunset with you sounds perfect.”


April 6 / 8 Days

Elena followed Bill out of the car, still breathless and a little shell-shocked. He’d kissed her. Kissed her!


April 3 / 11 Days

Bill kissed her. She was too close not to. And it was a good way to shut her up.


April 2 / 12 Days

He’d dreamed about her voice. Usually she was whispering dirty things in his ear and giving him a massive woody.


April 1 / 13 Days

A thunderous crash blocked out everything and Elena screamed as the roof compressed and the windows shattered.


March 31 / 14 Days

She’d only seen him dressed in his dark suit and looking like a god, which probably explained why he dominated her fantasies.


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