May 19 / 1 DAY!!!

“You’re not leaving.”

“One of us is definitely leaving.”

Her throat tightened, her chest constricted, but she’d be damned before she cried any tears.

Julie’s heart thumped like a bongo drum as she looked at him…


May 18 / 2 Days:

“You are not what I expected,” he finally said.

She hoped he felt what she did. Wanted him to know what they had was something special.


May 17 / 3 Days:

The Hollywood starlet and the private investigator. He shook his head, didn’t see that picture at all.

The cabin wasn’t what Troy expected as he eased up the gravel road.


May 16 / 4 Days:

“If you know you’re closed off, why don’t you do something about it?”

Hello, Mr. Dodge the Sex. Was he finally cracking under the pressure?


May 15 / 5 Days:

“I don’t like how these two guys keep looking over here. You might’ve been made.”

“You dive in front of bullets. Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”


May 14 / 6 Days:

“I’ll go for two weeks. It’ll give me time to heal and time to work on the part. But I’m coming home to shoot the film.

“If you’re so much fun, how come you haven’t kissed me since you left my house the other morning?”


May 13 / 7 Days:

Flames rocketed into the air as the boom shattered the quiet day.

He pulled her in gently, afraid to hurt her and unsure what her injuries entailed besides the obvious.


May 10 / 10 Days:

He craved the taste of her, the feel of her in his arms.

He wanted her because of all the things she wasn’t.


May 9 / 11 Days:

Without another second’s hesitation, Troy bent his head and kissed her.

He sealed his mouth over hers and stepped in at the same time he pulled her flush against his chest.


May 8 / 12 Days:

The guns were lined up in order of size on the table. Three rifles, three handguns. It was a nice collection.

Julie could run, but she couldn’t hide.


May 7 / 13 Days:

Troy read it a second time. That creepy crawly sensation he had along his back doubled in intensity.

Suddenly she spun, her eyes wide with panic. “The house! How did he find my address?


May 6 / 14 Days:

The proof was in the pictures. He’d snapped four of them. Four perfect pictures of Ari kissing Julie.

“If I offered to top Ari’s paycheck, would you come work for me?”


May 3 / 17 Days:

“Looks like the cavalry is here.”

She shook her head. “The cavalry’s been here all along.”

A primal shot of lust and heat zinged straight to his dick. He wanted her. Bad. Right now.


May 2 / 18 Days:

“No one wants me dead. I’m a nice person.”

“C’mon, you know you want to. Get it off your chest.” / “I’d rather get you off my chest,” she grumbled.


May 1 / 19 Days:

The explosion of glass scared the crap out of her and she jumped a mile as people screamed from inside the house.

“Are you hurt?” he asked.


April 30 / 20 Days:

Seeing her was like watching the sun rise after months of darkness.

I was wrong about you. He didn’t need to repeat the words.


April 29 / 21 Days:

Besides, the only man with an excuse for sending flowers wasn’t the man who sent them.

“I’ve got it! I can’t do the movie, but you can!” The air in the room changed instantly.


April 26 / 24 Days:

Troy still couldn’t picture her with Ari, but chances were good that they were carrying on an affair.

Despite his new crush since meeting Julie, he had a job to do.


April 25 / 25 Days:

“Usually…I’m a giant pain in the ass.”

He liked Julie Fraser’s attitude, her sense of humor and the way she rolled with the punches.

A little chunk of his heart broke off with the knowledge that he was going to bring her down.


April 24 / 26 Days:

“I don’t understand why you’d risk your life like that.”

“Because not risking it meant you died and I couldn’t sit around and watch it happen.”

“Lucky me. If you’re not so noble, what are you usually?”


April 23 / 27 Days:

She didn’t want to die with a stranger.

“Bullet hit an artery,” the paramedic yelled over his shoulder.

Her face blurred as her eyes fluttered closed, then blackness sucked him under.


April 22 / 28 Days:

People screamed and another pop exploded as something slammed into her midback and pushed her flat on the ground.

Suddenly a man skidded to a stop on his knees next to her.

“I’ve got you,” he said roughly. “We don’t have much time. We need to get some cover.”