Day 31

1. Adrenaline rushed through Ellie Morgan like water at Niagara Falls. The scream of the car’s engine roared in her ears.

2. Car parts flew in every direction and the unmistakable sound of metal-meets-the-road grated on his nerves.

Day 30

3. “You need to do me a favor.” He paused. “Later…if I get lost in your pretty blue eyes, you have to promise to come find me.”

4. “I mean really…that is one of the cheesiest lines I’ve ever heard.”

Day 29

5. If the problem was Quinn Reynolds, then the answer was simple:  Get rid of Quinn Reynolds.

6. Man, what he wouldn’t give to wrap her hair around his hand. Feel the softness as he held her steady and kissed her.

Day 28

7. Greek. Aside from the company symbols, it may as well have been Greek.

8. “Well, I’ve decided that I want to talk to Trace about going to her race school and maybe think about a career change.”

Day 27

9. Her smile brightened the whole frickin’ stage. He wanted her to smile at him that way.

10. “What’s wrong? Afraid I’ll get to you? Afraid I’ll be right and prove we have chemistry?”

Day 26

11. Mayday! Red Alert! She was in serious trouble.

12. “I thought you only got to touch me with the pads of your fingers,” she murmured.

“I lied.”

Day 25

13. “You lost and you have to pay up. Besides, you know you want to. The guy is so hot the ground melts when he walks over it.”

14. “Oh God. Oh God. What is it? He’s not in a Speedo or something, is he?”

Ashley grabbed her arms and held her tightly. “He’s in Armani.”

Day 24

15. Ellie listened harder. “Are you laughing in there?” A definite giggle/snort erupted from the bathroom.

16. Had he been a religious man, Quinn might’ve dropped to his knees in thankful prayer while he worshipped at the altar of Ellie.

Day 23

17. Those dark green eyes sparkled right at him. “That’s sounds extremely tempting.” Oh, baby. “I like to tempt.”

18. A tiny drop of butter slid down her chin and Quinn felt the instant throb of lust between his thighs.

Shit. He’d been doing so well.

Day 22

19. “Watch it!” Quinn shouted. Fear bolted through her at his warning.

20. His low voice caressed her as soft as a touch. Sent a rush of goose bumps across her skin.

Day 21

21. Holy meltdown, Batman.

22. His tongue continued to own her mouth. Plunging, retreating, dancing with her own in the softest, sexiest kiss she’d ever experienced.

Day 20

23. “He is not the One. He’s not even the two.”

24. “I work on the edge, Ash. I don’t want to live there too.”

Day 19

25. “Gotta go, guys. Time to blow up a race car.”

26. Sweat trickled down Ellie’s back and along the sides of her face as she sat in the tub of the race car.

Day 18

27. Pressure bit into the top of her foot, got tighter until pain ripped up her leg.

28. She wasn’t clear. She was in trouble. Time sped up and an explosion blew behind her.

Day 17

29. “Fire!” Someone yelled.

Oh, shit! She was on fire!

30. A roar of applause erupted and killed the tense silence. Ellie forced a grin. She didn’t deserve applause after she’d botched the stunt.

Day 16

31. “I’m wasting my life in a place I don’t want to live, with a job I hate, and you want me to give it another couple of years?”

32. “At this point, if the Elephant Man brought me food, I’d be his love slave.”

Day 15

33. “Looks like things are looking up for me,” a low voice said.

34. There was no way around Ashley. She was a runaway train, a motormouth extraordinaire.

Day 14

35. Quinn sat next to her and ran a tender finger along the side of her foot. Chills shimmied up her leg, made the hair stand up on her arms.

36. Quinn literally had to hold Ellie’s head and drag his lips away from hers. Her green eyes were dark, full of heat and desire.

Day 13

37. It was as if the world had gone into slow motion, but the sound remained deafening. The rumble, the screams, all of it.

38. Bad news came in many forms but it always had a vibe all its own.

Day 12

39. The mournful wail ripped down the quiet hallway, echoed off the walls and sent a lightning bolt of adrenaline through Quinn’s veins.

40. “Here’s to the best roommate in the world. To the best friend a girl could ever have.”

Day 11

41. She wanted mindless sex. Outrageous sex. Rip-the-clothes-off-and-do-it-on-the- sofa sex.

42. She’d feel cheap. Dirty. She’d feel as if she betrayed the memory of her best friend. And she’d blame him.

Day 10

43. “It wasn’t Ashley,” she said, looking up at him. Two tears streaked down her face.

44. “After all the horrible things I said, you have every right to hate me.”

Day 9

45. Crime scene? Quinn had just assumed this was a construction accident.

46. “I figured I owed you,” she said, swallowing her last bite.

Owed him? She’d saved his life yesterday.

Day 8

47. “You can ruin any of my clothes anytime you want. We’ll add this to my suit and start a list.”

48. The usual urge to vacate the premises after sex never materialized.

Day 7

49. The back wheels fishtailed and jolted her sideways. She gripped the wheel in a white-knuckle hold as she corrected the car.

50. The car swerved as she landed on her back on the passenger seat, tucking her legs over herself to clear the window.

Day 6

51. She might possibly be the most perfect woman in the world.

52. She leaned back, rested her head on his shoulder. “God, that was intense.”

Day 5

53. What would happen if—or God forbid whenhe learned her secret?

54. The car nosedived into the water, the windshield shattering into a million pieces.

Day 4

55. He listened for her breathing, adjusted her head and pressed his mouth against hers. CPR.

56. “I love you,” he rasped. Boom. Total meltdown.

Day 3

57. “Trying to go out with a bang, huh?”

“We’ll do that after dinner.”

58. “I’m not a moron who can’t read.”

Day 2

59. Quinn’s words hit Ellie so hard she took a step back as if she’d been punched.

Time to kiss it all goodbye.

60. “Watch out!” She tackled him and they both flew over the hood of a car as a black truck whizzed by and nearly plowed them over.

Day 1

61. “I’ve done everything. Now let her go.”

62. “Another minute or two and your hot girlfriend will be smokin’ hot. Literally.”

63. “Aw…you gave me the shirt off your back.”

Quinn bent low and close to her ear. “I’ll expect you to return the favor.”

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